Across predominantly Muslim nations, there is little enthusiasm for the extremist Islamic organizations Hamas and Hizbullah, although there are pockets of support for both groups.

Hamas seems to have more support in the British Parliament than in Gaza

Reservations about Hamas are particularly common in the portion of the Palestinian territories it controls – just 37 per cent in Gaza express a favorable opinion of Hamas, compared with 47 per cent in the West Bank.

While 61 per cent of Palestinians and 51 per cent of Jordanians have a favorable view of Hizbullah, only 43 per cent agree in Egypt and 35 per cent in Lebanon.

In Lebanon, 97 per cent of Shia Muslims express a positive opinion of Hizbullah, while only 18 per cent of Christians and 2 per cent of Sunni Muslims feel this way.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad was generally unpopular among most of the Muslim publics surveyed, with his highest ratings in the Palestinian territories (45 per cent  confidence).

51 per cent of Palestinians expressed confidence in al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Source: Pew Research Center