Jordanian King threatens Israel with looming war

«Either you give us your land, or there will be another war»

They both agree that Israel is the problem. King Abdullah of Jordan and President Barack Hussein Obama.

This is the message to the Jewish people from King Abdullah of Jordan. The King does not say this with play words. He just play around with the message from President Ahmadinejad, using a more diplomatic language. Like Israel being the reason why the Middle East is «doomed to decades of instability», and that war is an «invisible line in the sand».

The Jordanian king also accusing the politicians of Israel, to go against the Jewish people, who basically agrees with Muslims.

«The overwhelming majority of Israelis and Palestinians want a two-state solution as soon as possible … The problem is getting past the politicians to the people … The Israelis are so disheartened that they don’t believe this is going to happen» Abdullah said.

«Our challenge and the international community’s challenge is reaching out to the Israeli public and saying – Do you want to continue being «Fortress Israel?» We want a two-state solution so that you can be accepted into the neighborhood», Abdullah explained.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan now all speaks the same language to Israel.

«If you do not do as we tell you, we will go to war».

The only country left is Egypt, than we have the came coalition back that has fought and lost three wars with Israel.

Its funny how the losers of all these war think they can dictate the peace.

The King of Jordan is the head of the Palestinian state, that was proposed before Word War II. The promoted state was to be formed east of the River Jordan, and named «Transjordan». The people living there was called «Palestinians» by the Britishers. The majority of the citizens of the Kingdom of Jordan still call them selves «Palestinians».

The land area occupied by United Kingdom west of the Jordan river, the so-called «West Bank» was to become a Jewish homeland. All of it.

But the the Arabs living east of the river Jordan disagreed, and tried to destroy the full of Israel from its birth. During the war in independence Jordan attacked and occupied the West Bank, including the eastern part of Jerusalem.

In 1967, in another bid to destroy Israel, the Arabs did not only loose the war. Israel gained the rest of the Jewish homeland, and liberated the area that was supposed to be theirs.

This land should remain under Jewish control, and the Arabs should sign a peace treaty with Israel and let the Jews live in peace. Only if that can be done, there will be peace. To force Israel into a peace for Jewish land, will be a false peace. Only one more step closer to an Islamic destruction of the Jewish state.

This is the truth.

7 thoughts on “Jordanian King threatens Israel with looming war

  1. Dear ivar,

    Shalom and Praise The LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    You are right, It is Israel who had won over egypt, syria, lebanon… and gave them back the land in 1967. Even though the jews do not believe JESUS CHRIST as their MESSIAH, they still have loved their enemies and have tried maximum peace.

    Some more Information on Israel’s victory in 1967
    June 5-10,1967 (6-day war).
    Israel destroys the Egyptian air force on the ground, conquers and occupies Sinai and Gaza, then conquers the West Bank from Jordan, and Golan Heights from Syria. UN resolution 242 called for Israeli withdrawal, establishment of peace. 1967 Six Day War Timeline (chronology)


    GOD Bless Israel and Jews, Let HIS will and purpose be fullfilled in them.
    Let the city of the GREAT KING be Blessed always till HIS coming.

    1. Dear Benn


      Thanks for this comment.

      I agree with all you write, but…Do not say that the «Jews» do not believe Jesus is the Messiah. There are more than 200.000 Messianic Jews in the US, and the numbers are growing by the day in Israel. The organization Jews for Jesus are alive and active.

      In my many encounters with Jews, I have meet quit a few secular Jews that would like to believe that Jesus is the Messiah. They simply struggle to find their Messiah when they look at all claimed to be «Christians» who tries their best to harm their state of Israel….

      1. Dear Benn.


        One more issue with secular Jews. They also fail to find the Messiah in the religious Jews. I guess thats not so strange, since they do not know Him, waiting for his first coming.

  2. Dear ivar,

    Shalom and Praise The LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    Praise the LORD for so many who have known HIM as the MESSIAH and many more to come.

    Sorry for my comment.

    Let LORD GOD ALMIGHTY bless everyone of the believers with yearn and thirst to intercede for them daily.

    GOD Bless them.

    1. Benn.

      You do not have to say sorry. We both have things to learn from each other. Being a gentile saved by grace, I have a lot of knowledge about the Jewish people I would like to share with both Jews and gentiles.

  3. I am so confused. I read that in the end times, Petra Jordan will be protected from the antichrist. Then, I read in Ezekiel that the peace that will come between Jordan and Israel, in the end times, will come through destruction. Which is it, is Jordan “safe” or isn’t it? Or will it only be safe until after the destruction?

    1. Dear Amanda.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      No place on Earth will be safe. The coming wrath of God will strike both Petra in Jordan, Rome and Jerusalem. When the Messiah Jesus return´s He will come as the Lion of Judah, and He will bring judgment to all of us. The good news is that those of us who have surrendered to Him, and serve Him (believe in Him, obey His words and relay on Him) shall not be judge. He has already payed in full for our sins when He was crucified. Amen.

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