Christian papers rejoice over Ex-Beatle becoming New Ager

«It’s all about finding yourself» and that «God is in my life».

Ring Star claims he has found God. But did he find Jesus of the Bible?

This is a statement given by Ringo Star to Los Angeles Times. It has been published in many Christians newspapers as «good news». The Norwegian Christian newspaper «DagenMagazinet» even rejoiced with the tittle: «Jesus is greater then Beatles». Even though that Jesus from Nazareth was not even mentioned in the article.

But has Ringo Star found Jesus?

Will he rebuke John Lenon`s statement saying: «Beatles is more popular than Jesus»?

Lets see what Ringo Star is quoted saying:

«I feel the older I get, the more I’m learning to handle life», Starr told The Los Angeles Times during a recent visit to the Grammy Museum in downtown LA.

«I think [spiritual issues] are more prominent», added Starr, who turns 70 in July and recently released a new album, titled Y Not.

Notably, however, while working on his new album, one song that Starr originally intended to be a «gospelly» song, «Walk With You» eventually became a song about the power of friendship rather than a «God song» after songwriter Van Dyke Parks reportedly said he didn’t write about God.

Also on the album is the song «Peace Dream» – Starr’s version of John Lennon’s «Imagine» Unlike «Imagine» however, the world of peace Starr envisions in «Peace Dream» doesn’t require «no religion» as Lennon’s world did.


My comment:

Ringo Star is not an atheist turned Christian. It only took him 40 years to realize that the trance experience from India is a spiritual reality.

When the ex-Beatle says: «It’s all about finding yourself» and that «God is in my life», He has basically become a New Ager. There are many people in the New Buddhism movement that speaks about such «self-realizations».

The only name that seems to be deleted from this «great event» is the name of «Jesus».

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