Anti-Jewish propaganda from BBC and Ahmadinejad

London and Tehran are in agreement. The Jews are settlers in occupied East-Jerusalem, damaging the Holy city of all faiths.

Young Israelis celebrate a united Jerusalem. The free World should rejoice with them.

Friday night I watched BBC News reporting from Jerusalem. Not surprisingly the London based news major sounded like a copy-cat of Al Jazeera, or Iranian «Ayatollah-TV». The viewers got a fresh message that made Israel look more and more like the «evil Zionist regime that is the stumbling block to World peace».

The BBC-reporter had the following messages to BBC viewers all over the World.

1. Jews who live in East Jerualem are Jewish settlers, in occupied East Jerusalem.

2. To call Jerusalem the  City of David is based on a 3.000 year old legend of a king called David living here.

3. The state of Israel use archeological work as a cover up to delete all proof of the Arabic heritage of Jerusalem.

4. The Jews are funidng archeological work in occupied East Jerusalem, that might damage historical Islamic sites, in and around the Temple Mount.

All this anti-Jewish propaganda was published without any representative for the state of Israel given any chance to defend the truth about the sovereign capital of Israel.

This kind of biast reporting is not only bad journalism, that would fail any student during their exam. Its also evil to its core. Because its the same message that comes out from all kinds of web-sites runned by Radical Islam, and their terrorist networks.

BBC ignors the fact that London occupied Jewish properties in Jerusalem from 1917 to 1948.  Before 1967 these properties were confiscated by the Kingdom of Jordan during a brief Arabic occupation.

Today the city of Jerusalem is liberated and united.

BBC broadcasts Islamic lies about Jerusalem and the Jewish people.

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