Israeli political leaders are depicted as «irredentist»,«hawkish» and «ultra-nationalists», while Palestinian leaders are portrayed as «moderate» and «conciliatory».

Brown and Blair speaks deceit when they say they are friends of Israel. Few leaders harms the Jewish state more than them.

These are the findings of study published by Just Journalism, a London-based media monitoring organization. The NGO accuses the Financial Times newspaper’s editorial coverage of ignoring the Iranian threat and viewing Israel as primarily responsible for the perpetuation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Just Journalism has been analyzing 121 editorials from 2009.

The FT is also accused of downplaying factors integral to the conflict such as terrorism and the political split between Hamas in Gaza and Fatah in the West Bank.

Israeli political leaders are depicted as «irredentist», «hawkish» and «ultra-nationalist», while Palestinian leaders are portrayed as «moderate» and «conciliatory».

«This report demonstrates that the FT has repeatedly disregarded salient facts when it comes to the Middle East and disproportionately blames Israel for the region’s woes», said Robin Shepherd, director of international affairs at the Cambridge-based Henry Jackson Society.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

That the leading Financial newspaper in London is anti-Israel does not come as a surprise. The UK Government it self is biased against the Jewish state. In the last days I have published articles that the British leaders are the worst anti-Zionists in the free and democratic World. London has lately been turned into a hub for Islamic terrorism, where Radical Muslims is sheltered by the Government.

Men like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are extremely dangerous for the Jewish people, because they are portraying them self as «friends of Israel». Blair is the worst of them all, because the Pope`s man is branded as an envoy of peace. Blair has been called to force Israel to submit to a «peace» initiative made in Saudi Arabia. This plan is a trap that deletes all the promises to the Jewish people found in the Bible.