Televangelist Kenneth Copeland blasted for «unfulfilled promises».The Prosperity teacher blames technical snags in fleet of private aircrafts.

CBS News picture of Kenneth Copeland at launch of another Church aircraft.

Kenneth Copeland Ministries has come under fire for failing to fly disaster relief supplies to Haiti’s earthquake victims after allegedly promising aviation assistance in the event of natural disasters.

The international organization, which is also under scrutiny by the Senate Finance Committee for possible abuse of its nonprofit status, has been accused of «unfulfilled» pledges and unaccounted donations.

«While there is a huge crisis going on in the nation of Haiti right now Kenneth Copeland’s promised Angel Flight 44 ministry is nowhere to be found and the money he collected to start that ministry has not been accounted for», said Rich Vermillion, co-author of Angel Flight 44.

CBS News display a cabin with less place for Copeland-aid packages for Haiti.

The Texas-based organization has rejected the allegations, calling them «Misleading» and «potentially damaging misinformation».

«Kenneth Copeland Ministries is one of the premier Christian ministries in the world today and is run with the utmost integrity», it said in a recent statement. «The church has an annual independent audit and there are no funds that have been misused or unaccounted for».

But KCM spokesman Dr. Stephen Swisher told The Christian Post, «This was not a specific promise with a time line attached»

According to Swisher, Angel Flight 44 has collected only $7,788.43 and the donations have been spent on plane repairs. KCM has purchased an aircraft but it “currently has structural issues” and is still “not in airworthy condition.” Also, the spokesman said they are lacking funds to buy a new aircraft (in addition to their four planes).

«However, it is our desire to have an aircraft to fly assistance during disaster relief efforts», Swisher commented. «We are believing God for the finances to have a fleet of aircraft to use during such instances».

Church aircrafts at the hangar used by Kenneth Copeland and his ministry.

For now, the organization has set up a disaster relief fund. Since August 2005, the KCM/EMIC (Eagle Mountain International Church) Disaster Relief Fund has received more than $2.4 million. A little over $2.2 million have been directed for relief to areas affected by recent hurricanes in the U.S. such as Katrina and Rita, the tsunami in Myanmar, fires in California and other storms, according to Swisher.

Source: ChristianPost. com.

My comment:

I have no right to criticize Kenneth Copeland for collecting money for Haiti. I have collected non. Neither His decision to purchase a private Jet.

But I have to ask Him why a fleet of five aircraft is needed by his Church?

Copeland Air, or a Church that suffers for the name of Jesus? CBS News pictures.

These kind of money collected by a Church, I guess could have been used in a less fleshy and luxurious way?

Kenneth Copeland Ministry should have sent his Church members traveling Business class around the clock, in stead of spending 100 million dollars on a fleet of private jets.

But I guess they feel the love of money is a lesser evil, than the love of traveling in a more luxurious way than Kings and Queens?

Let me remind the disciples of Copeland, that Jesus the Messiah was not carried on the shoulders of his students, sitting in a leather seat drinking «mocktails» on His way up to Jerusalem.

For people who normally do not study the Bible: Please read about the King of Kings and his donkey.