Arafat and Abbas in a madening culture of irresponsibility.

It was always someone else’s fault – the UK, the UN, the Arab countries, and of course above all, the Zionists and their occupation.

Yassir Arafat and Abu Mazen have never spoken the truth. They have submitted to a lying Spirit that harms their own people.

Dr. Einat Wilf is a senior fellow with the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute, and represent the Labor party in the Knesset. .

She writes that the Palestinian national movement has been characterized from its early days by a maddening culture of irresponsibility.

«As far as they were concerned, their circumstances were never the outcome of their decisions, actions or conduct. It was always someone else’s fault – the UK, the UN, the Arab countries, and of course above all, the Zionists and their occupation»

«No matter the issue, the finger was permanently pointed outward. The Palestinians conducted themselves as eternal teenagers, incapable of moving past blaming others toward shaping their own lives».

Einat Wilf is a member of Knesset.

But it just might be that recently, below the radar, a revolutionary change is underway. For several years now, several players under the sound leadership of General Dayton, Tony Blair and PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, were working together to build a Palestinian state from the ground up.

Fayyad graduated from the University of Texas rather than Israeli jails, and it is Fayyad and his colleagues who have taken the matter of municipal taxes and sewage seriously and have approached the building of a state with determination and energy.

The more this process moves forward and succeeds, the more the cultural change accelerates and deepens. A dour bureaucrat is leading a revolutionary cultural change of fostering responsibility among Palestinians.

This change is leaving Israelis, who have long grown accustomed to Palestinians who do nothing but blame the world for their circumstances all the while wasting numerous opportunities, wondering, confused and many – hopeful.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Dr. Einat Wilf has got something right, and something wrong. It is true that the Arab Palestinians has built a culture of irresponsibility. But the source of this culture, is not to be found in reparable character weakness, or some kind of man made foolishness that suddenly can brighten.

The source of this culture of irresponsibility is spiritual. This people are lead by a spirit which is not the truth, and that will never submit to the truth. Like a snake, it can rest in the grass for some time, but it will always surface and bite the Jewish people. The name of this Spirit is Allah.

This spirit moves in constant oppsosition and rebellion to God of the Bible. Since the Jewish people are the chosen people of God, their tests and trouble will not end before the Messiah returns.

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