Swedish Christian paper: «Israel committed murder in Dubai»

Hamas has accused Israel of murdering one of their military leaders.

Was Mahmoud al-Mabhouh murdered or assassinated?

The Hamas leader Mahmud al-Mabhou had his base in Damascus in Syria. On the 20th of January He was killed in Dubai. There are reports that the Islamic terrorist was murdered in Dubai by Israeli agents of Mossad. Israel has earlier been accused of similar attacks against several leaders of Hamas.

Source: Swedish Christian Daily «Dagen.se».

My comment:

The Messiah Jesus said its better to bless our enemies, than to kill them. But the majority of Jews do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah, and do not submit to his teachings.

Osama Bin Laden. Will he be murdered or assassinated?

To accuse Israel of «murdering» Hamas leaders, is anyhow like accusing the resistance in Prague for murdering the Nazi-leader Reinhard Heydrich on May 27th 1942.

People who «murder» is supposed to end up in jail. But people who bring an end to Islamic terrorists, needs to be honored by the press as soldiers of freedom and justice. Right or wrong. A Hamas terrorist is dead, no longer capable of slaughtering innocent civilians.

I guess I will never see the day, when a Swedish newspaper , Christian or non-Christian, publishes an article with this headline:

«Arrest Obama for hunt to murder Osama Bin Laden».

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  1. This is a good point, and indicative of the Orwellian distortion of facts and reality in Sweden these days. Not only they call this “murder” as you pointed out, they even take it for granted that it was Israeli agents that did it. And this comes after the outrageous claims made a few months ago by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet accusing the Israeli Defense Forces of killing young Palestinians to harvest their organs!

    Gabriel Wilensky
    Six Million Crucifixions:
    How Christian Teachings About Jews Paved the Road to the Holocaust
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