Chinese Admiral wants naval base in the Middle East

Chinese warships are deployed for four to six months in the Gulf of Aden without access to ports.

The Chinese Navy is already present in the waters between Yemen and Somalia. Now they are looking for an Arabian base.

In 2009 the Chinese Navy started an anti-piracy deployments in the Gulf of Aden. A retired Chinese admiral has now publicly propounded the need for the Chinese Navy to acquire a base near this strategic region. The admiral express the need for China to overcome numerous logistics and maintenance problems and also allow some rest to its sailors.

While the Chinese government distanced itself from the admiral’s proposal, the Chinese already have a suitable base available. That is the Gwadar port that Chinese has built in Pakistan. Soon the Chinese Navy will have another one in Sri Lanka. That is the Hambantota port, which are built by Chinese funds and construction workers.  Some media reports also hint at another Chinese-built port in Burma.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

My comment:

If Israel strikes Iran, the Jewish state can expect a massive military attack from China. The Communist Super Power imports 15 per cent of its oil from Iran, and the Islamic republic is one if its major trading partners.

To protect its economic interest in Persia, a naval base in the Middle East would be perfect for Beijing. Because increasing influence in Africa, also requires a military presence close to the African Horn.  Sri Lanka and Burma is basically to fare away from the Gulf of Aden. Pakistan is also to fare East, and unstable.

For China to attack Israel, the United State needs to wash its hands of the Jewish state. The Obama administration is capable of doing just that. Since 1948, Israel has never been so isolated. There is not a single nation that will raise up and defend an Israeli attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities. There are many that will provide military support for the Iranian counter-attack.

This is the simple and logical explanantion behind Benjamin Netanyahu`s building freeze.  A gun was put to his head by Washington and Beijing. Against the will of his own people, Netanyahu was forced to implement a racist and anti-Zionistic building freeze in Judea and Samaria.

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