Israelis do not longer trust Arabs wants peace

79 percent of Israelis no longer believe it is possible to achieve true peace with their peace partners in the Palestinian Authority.

An Obama triggered photo gimick, without any substance, says 8 of 10 Israelis.

The «peace» wave that swept through Israel more than a decade ago and converted many to the idea of «land-for-peace» is now officially over, according to the results of a public opinion poll published last Thursday.

Conducted on behalf of the official Knesset television station, the survey revealed that an overwhelming 79 percent of Israelis no longer believe it is possible to achieve true peace with their peace partners in the Palestinian Authority.

Nearly as many respondents (76 percent) said they don’t believe «moderate» Palestinian leaders Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad even want to make peace.

In response to the poll’s results and the clear revelation that Israelis no longer trust the Palestinian Authority, many have begun to question why Israel’s democratically-elected government is going to such pains to entice Abbas back to the negotiating table. The answer, of course, as most Israelis know, is foreign diplomatic pressure.

Most Israelis today view the land-for-peace formula as flawed, as well as the decision to prop up the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) as the sole representative of the Palestinians and therefore Israel’s peace partner. That decision was made despite the fact that the PLO had succeeded in killing more Jews than any movement since the Nazis ruled in Germany.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.

My comment.

It is strange, that the Jewish people even thought it is possible to make peace with nations and people that do not accept their right to have a Jewish homeland in the Middle East.

The ABC of negotiations, is that both sides accept the other sides right to live.

The problem with the Palestinian Arabs, is that their leaders are corrupt. They are willing to do whatever it takes for money. And both Saudi Arabia and Iran has cash, and they want to see the Jewish state of Israel dead and gone.

The Western Powers like London and Washington are both is deep trouble. They have borrowed above their chimney, and are in huge debts to both Saudi Arabia and China. The political game on Israel will go on till the day the Messiah return. And the love of money will forever be the root of all evil.

One thought on “Israelis do not longer trust Arabs wants peace

  1. As far as Hamas and Fatah go, I think people have taken collective leave of their senses. They make their position crystal clear. Palestinian children can even understand it. Destruction of the Jewish state. Their actions reinforce their words. What could be more obvious.

    One Islamic professor said in a speech that, “this is not a war about land, this is a religious war”. Their actions and words let you know what they really believe.

    So, at first, maybe out of a sincere desire not to believe in the bad side of a group they give them the benefit of the doubt. But after years of confirming what they say by their actions even the most skeptical must admit that maybe they do really want the destruction of the Jewish state.

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