Berlusconi : Zionism a mistake, and Syria must get Golan»

«Golan Heights will be returned. Israel’s settlement policy could be an obstacle to peace, and persisting with this policy is a mistake».

The Italian Prime Minister likes to sit around all sides of the table. Not at all a Friend of Israel, but surely a friend of Muammar al-Gaddafi

These are the advises from Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, expressed on his visit to Israel this week.

The Italian PM claims to be a devoted friend of Israel, and even told the media: «I always supported Israel. As a result, as prime minister, I changed Italy’s foreign policy and thereby turned Italy into Israel’s closest friend in Europe» .

Berlusconi`s self proclaimed friendship with the Jewish state, has lead him to conclude that Israel must give up the liberated Golan Hight ´s to get peace with Syria.

«The time has come for Syria and Israel to act together for the sake of peace, in the framework of which the Golan Heights will be returned and at the same time diplomatic and friendly relations will be established between the two countries, and Damascus for its part will stop supporting organizations that do not recognize Israel’s existence», explains the Italian head of Government.

In regards to Jews living in the Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria, the Roman politicians would like to see them leave to achieve peace.
«Israel’s settlement policy could be an obstacle to peace. I would like to say to the people and government of Israel, as a friend, with my hand on my heart, that persisting with this policy is a mistake», says Berlusconi.

The Italian Prime Minister have to admit that there are stumbling blocks on the way to lasting peace in the Middle East.

« It will never be possible to convince the Palestinians of Israel’s good intentions while Israel continues to build in territories that are to be returned as part of a piece agreement. At the same time, what happened in Gaza should prompt some thought. It is not possible to evacuate communities to [then] face burned synagogues, acts of destruction, and inter-Palestinian violence and missiles being shot into Israeli territory».

Source: Israeli Daily «Haaretz».

My comment:

To call your self a «Friend of Israel» and brand the Jewish settlements as a «mistake», is a not only a grave contradiction. It is an anti-Jewish statement. A denial of the very presence of the Jewish people in what have to be a safe and secure homeland.

Any World leader who do not permit the Jews to live in the land they were promised by God of the Bible, are also anti-God of the Bible. They nullify His promises to the Jewish people, and makes his Words null and void.

A Jewish state that does not include the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the Jewish quarters and Jewish properties in East Jerusalem, is a temporarily man made political province of Jews, gathered for persecution, and to be finished off by the Muslim World.

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