Norway: «Israeli occupation makes life miserable for homeless Palestinians»

The Israeli Government has by its policy of occupation and settlements, made life miserable for the Palestinians, and made them refugees without a homeland».

Erik Lunde is an anti-Zionists who might miss the votes from Friends of Israel in Norway.

Erik Lunde is the Information director of the Christian Peoples Party in Norway (Kr.F). The above statements are his, made during chat on a Norwegian Christian web-site.

The Information head makes it clear that the districts of Judea and Samaria are occupied or illegally annexed areas by the state of Israel.

Lunde is also writing that Israel ha to take some responsibility for Christians fleeing the areas controlled by the Arab Palestinians.

The director of the Christian political party finally accuses Israel of violating international law by setting up the security fence.

Erik Lunde also expresses his opposition to a proposal of shifting The Norwegian Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. «Such a shift would only hamper the chances for reaching a peace agreement», explains Lunde. He is also open for a debate if Norway should boycott certain Israeli products.

Source: The Norwegian Christian weekly, Norge I Dag».

My comment:

I have long been of the opinion that the Norwegian Christian Peoples Party is more Catholic than the Pope in Rome.

Erik Lunde can any day get an assignment in the Vatican.

On Sunday, even the Vice-President of the party gave a statement: «We have to stop our one-sided support of Israel».

For Christian «Friends of Israel» in Norway, it gets more difficult by the day to have any interaction with both this political party, and the Lutheran Church. They both seems to be joining Rome and Islam for the final battle against Zion.

One thought on “Norway: «Israeli occupation makes life miserable for homeless Palestinians»

  1. The Zionist enterprise was criminal in concept and criminal in execution. Interestingly, it was, before the advent of Nazism, EXPLICITLY racist, as Harry Emerson Fosdick reported in 1927 (see A Pilgrimage to Palestine, Page 286).

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