Pope John Paul II whipped himself with a belt, even on vacation, and slept on the floor as acts of penitence and to bring him closer to Christian perfection.

Bit by bit we get the knowledge about what Pope John Paul II was doing behind closed doors.

This information is published in a book was written by Monsignor Slawomir Oder, the postulator, or main promoter, for John Paul’s canonization cause and was released Tuesday. It was based on the testimony of the 114 witnesses and boxes of documentation Oder gathered on John Paul’s life to support the case.

The book «Why He’s a Saint» also includes previously unpublished speeches and documents written by John Paul, including one 1989 signed memo in which he said he would resign if he became incapacitated.

At a news conference Tuesday, Oder defended John Paul’s practice of self-mortification, which some faithful use to remind them of the suffering of Jesus on the cross.

Cardinal Ratzinger looks at the aging Pope, soon to be the next Pontiff.

«It’s an instrument of Christian perfection» Oder said, responding to questions about how such a practice could be condoned considering Catholic teaching holds that the human body is a gift from God.

In the book, Oder wrote that John Paul frequently denied himself food — especially during the holy season of Lent — and «frequently spent the night on the bare floor». messing up his bed in the morning so he wouldn’t draw attention to his act of penitence.

«But it wasn’t limited to this. As some members of his close entourage in Poland and in the Vatican were able to hear with their own ears, John Paul flagellated himself. In his armoire, amid all the vestments and hanging on a hanger, was a belt which he used as a whip and which he always brought to Castel Gandolfo», the papal retreat where John Paul vacationed each summer.

While there had long been rumors that John Paul practiced self-mortification, the book provides the first confirmation and concludes John Paul did so as an example of his faith.

Source: Reuters and Yahoo.news.

My comment:

There is absolutely no verse in the New Testament of the Bible that opens up for such practices. Its another example of the Pope listening to evil spirits and demons. The Great Commandment of the Bible it self demands from us, that we love our neighbor as our selves.

Pope John Paul II kisses the Koran

The Bible surely do not permit any Christian to flung his belt on his neighbor, nor to harm his own body.

Why do the Popes disobey Jesus of the Bible?

Simply because they all reject the Word of God. Because of this rejection, they have never been connected to the Holy Spirit.

I have for a long time been of the opinion that Pope John Paul II was a secret devoted Muslim. His kissing of the Koran, his promotion of a new religion of all faiths One God, and finally inflicting him self with pain, makes my case stronger.

If the Pope of Rome had converted to Islam, he would most likely have been an active figure during an Islamic Shiit Ashura festival. Just take a look at these insane perversions.

Self pain inflcited to honor Allah.
A festival to honor Allah, full of pain, blood and spiritual death and destruction.
A Muslim festival to honor a dead cult started by an Arab called Muhammad. There is no end of wickedness.