On their way to the Holocaust Remembrance Day at Auswitch, Israeli political leaders were meet with Polish posters demanding their arrest.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Tzipi Livni and Ehud Olmert have to live in fear of being arrested on trips abroad.

«Wanted for war crimes», offering the public an award of 10,000 euro in exchange for information on Barak or Livni’s expected arrival in Europe.

This was the messages on posters in the Polish city of Krakow. The ads included a website address for people interested in providing information on the Israeli officials

Members of Knesset visiting Krakow surprised to see ads against opposition chairwoman, defense minister on number of bulletin boards across city. MKs Israel Hasson, Yohanan Plesner and Rachel Adatto of the Kadima party and Uri Orbach of Habayit Hayehudi – spotted the posters. The four sought to tear the ads, but decided to let security officials look into the matter.

«After 65 years, we once again realize that being right is not enough», said MK Hasson. «We must remember this ahead of the next challenges, like Holocaust deniers, Holocaust cursers and different kinds of anti-Semites»

The MKs informed security elements about the ads. MK Plesner said he would update the Knesset officer, but the security officials estimated that the posters were a local provocation which has taken place in other countries across the world. Knesset officials said a complaint would be filed with the Polish authorities.

Source: Ynet.news.

My comment:

Nothing mush seems to have changed in Catholic Poland. Being ruled by the Nazis during Word War II, Poland become home for most of the consentration camps and gas chambers that Hitler used during the Holocaust.

Cruel and evil Nazi-rule followed by 40 years of Communist dictatorship, many people in Poland still have not learn the difference between right and wrong.