Hizbullah Neo-Nazi army ready for next war with Israel

Another military conflict between Israel and Lebanon is «Inevitable».

Just like Hitler, these Hizbullah terrorists wants a Middle East free from Jews.

This is a statement of Minister-without-Portfolio Yossi Peled (Likud) Saturday at a Beersheba event.

«Without a doubt we are heading for another round (of fighting) in the North. No one knows when, but it’s clear that it will happen», the former OC Northern Command said. «We did not know that the Second Lebanon War was going to break out».

Peled’s comments came some three-and-a-half years after the Second Lebanon War against Hizbullah.

PM of Lebanon Saad Hariri together with Islamic terrorist Hassan Nasrallah.

The IDF believes that Hizbullah has obtained Iranian-made Fajr missiles, either the Fajr 3 or Fajr 5. The Fajr 3 is five meters long and can carry a 45-kilogram warhead.

Lebanese MP Marwan Hamadeh was also quoted in the report, noting the influence of Iran and the United States on the regional conflict. «With Iran backing and supplying Hezbollah and the United States backing and supplying Israel, the battlefield is Lebanon», the anti-Hizbullah lawmaker reportedly said.

«This is where the Iranian missiles sit, and this is where the Israeli air force can reach»,he added.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Hizbullah is now a part of the Lebanese Government, and Shia Muslim Ali Shami is the present Foreign Minister. And even more alarming. Lebanon is holding a seat in the security council of United Nations.

Foreign Minister Ali Shami

That Iran can place its missiles so close to the border of Israel, without an international out cry, is either a good poof of the apathy ruling the World affairs at the moment, or an approval of Iranian aggression. I do not know what will be the worst.

FM Ali Shami is said by some to be closely allied with Hizbullah. Even Lebaneese Prime Minister Sa’ad al-Hariri has good connections with Hizbullah leader Hasan Nasrallah.

4 thoughts on “Hizbullah Neo-Nazi army ready for next war with Israel

  1. This event could be the start of the Psalm 83 war. There is so many signs of the end times that is hard to keep up on them. I teach a prophecy class and every week the current events take up more time.

    1. Dear Dick.

      Thanks for this comment.

      I agree with you. It is amazing to see the High Prophetic times of our generation. It is difficult to rejoice, when you see people you love give up their faith and walk into deception. One of these deceptions, is to join fellowships of anti-Israeli «Christians».

      If you cant see that God of The Bible has restored Israel to bring back the Messiah Jesus of Nazareth to His own people, you are spiritual blind.

      The Jews and the whole World will face Him in the City of David, returning to Earth with full Powers, coming down to Jerusalem from the clouds of Heaven. Lets keep on standing up for the state of Israel, Jewish and gentile believers alike.

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