London University employs promoter of Islamic violence

He was jailed in Egypt for preaching Islamic Jihad, and was accused of plotting a suicide bomb attack in Tel Aviv in 2003. Now He is a lecture in London School of Economics.

Reza Pankhurst is a promoter of violence against Jews and the state of Israel.

Reza Pankhurst was imprisoned from 2003 until last year for being a member of «Hizb ut-Tahrir», a hard-line Islamist group. He is accused, among other things, of involvement in a 2003 suicide bomb attack on Mike’s Place, a popular restaurant near the US Embassy in Tel Aviv. The attack was carried out by three British Muslims who entered Israel on tourist visas.

But in United Kingdom such a CV has gained him fame. Reza Pankhurst is currently employed as an assistant lecturer at the prestigious London School of Economics.

Omar Sharif, one of the Tel Aviv bombers, was a long time friend of Pankhurst and according to a mutual acquaintance Pankhurst played a key role in his radicalization. One LSE student told The Times of London on Saturday that Pankhurst often preaches in a mosque near the university and calls for «the dismantling» of the «illegal entity» of Israel and other anti-Western political positions.

Pankhurst, who was imprisoned in Egypt in 2003 for being a member of the group «Hizb ut-Tahrir», is also said to be preaching to students at Friday prayers at the university and is a member of the LSE student union’s Islam Society. «Hizb ut-Tahrir» is barred from organizing and speaking on campuses under the National Union of Students policy of «no platform» for racist or fascist views.

A member of the student society told The Times on Saturday, «He preaches every other week and is constantly bringing the subject around to politics, talking of Afghanistan and the need to establish the Caliphate, or Islamic state. Only last week, he was talking about the Detroit bomber and saying the guy was not radicalized in London and it was all to do with foreign policy».

Source: and Jerusalem Post

My comment:

There are many examples in History of «bad guys» that switches side and immediately are portrayed as «good guys».

The memorial at Mikes Place in Tel Aviv, struck by a Islamic bomber in 2003.

Nazi-Germany and the US were in 1944 running a race of who would be the first to develop a nuclear bomb. The US won, and the first atomic bombs were dropped on the two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In May 1945, the German nuclear scientists were not arrested, and brought to trial for war crimes. For the US, they were much more valuable than ordinary prisoners of war. They were immediately granted asylum in America, and rapidly employed into the US Nuclear weapons program. First to help the US to finalize the two bombs to be dropped on Japan, and than to enable the Americans to stay ahead in the arms race against the Soviet Union.

Reza Pankhurst is surely still a «gad guy». But in London He is looked up on as an valuable insider from the Islamic movement. From now on branded as «a good moderate and peaceful Muslim».

You can be pretty sure that He will not wait to find some like minded people inside London School of Economics. They will all become much more cleaver in educating the next generation of human bombs, and find more effective ways to demonize and delegitimize the Jewish state of Israel.

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