Israeli drones patrol Afghan skies and beyond

Five NATO countries fighting a growing insurgency in Afghanistan are currently using Unmanned Ariel Vehicles built in Israel.

An Israeli build drone ready to take off to secure the skies above allied soldiers.

The number of countries around the world interested in Israeli drones, or pilot less remote controlled air crafts, continues to increase. Germany, Australia, France, Spain and Canada are using them in central Asia, and Turkey and Brazil have bought systems for future use.

The US military has also shown great interest in the drones and has encouraged allies in Latin America to buy them to assist in counter narcotics operations. The star of the IAI lineup in the Heron, a medium-altitude long-endurance UAV that can remain airborne for more than 30 hours with a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet, and can carry a payload of 250 kg.


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