University of Bergen in Norway might boycott Israel

Principle Sigmund Grønmo do not rule out an academic boycott of Israel.

Principle Sigmund Grønmo in Bergen, Norway, do not rule out an academic boycott of Israel.

The University of Bergen in Norway (UiB) do not have any exchange agreement with any University in israel. But during the annual International week at UiB, the principle would not rule out an academic boycott of Israel.

«This kind of boycott would not be proposed by the leadership. But if such a proposal come from the employees, we will consider it», explained principle Sigmund Grønmo.

Last year 34 employees at the University of Trondheim (NTNU) signed a proposal for an academic boycott of Israel. Also at the University of Tromsø, there is a similar proposal in circulation. The Board of NTNU declined the proposal, which was opposed by a counter campaign by supporters of Israel. The board at he University of Tromsø has still not voted on the boycott-proposal.

«There are negative sides of such a boycott proposal. Simply because the employees will be of two opinions. One side against the state of Israel, and the other in favour of the Jewish state», explains UIB Principle Grønmo.

Source: Norwegian News Agency NTB, and other media.

My comment:

The Norwegian Government claims there is no anti-Jewish drive in the Norwegian population. This is simply not the truth. That three Norwegian Universities have a strong anti-Israel lobby is proof enough.

Academic boycotts of free and democratic nations are basically anti-educational and deeply immoral. Because there is always something to learn from people we disagree with. Knowledge and innovations do not have a political color.

2 thoughts on “University of Bergen in Norway might boycott Israel

  1. I am a Jew from an Israeli background, currently living in Norway. This is the first country out of a number of others, in which I have lived, where I feel I have been forced into cultural and religious silence. Living here, made me realise enough, to conclude that Norway’s past treatment of Jews and the more recent treatment of Israel, continues to be a disgrace. Anti-semitism, racism, anti-Israeli sentiments are a growing problem and must be stopped. While there are still some people in Norway who respect the Jewish people and Israel, their number is unjustifiably reducing. Norway seems to be reversing to those dark times when its constitution prohibited the entry of Jews and when its leaders cooperated with the Nazis. Shooting at the Oslo synagogue, publishing anti-semitic material, making jokes about the holocaust and calling for boycottes against Israel, have become more recent concerns. This is not to mention, that since Norway is behind Israel in various academic fields, the loss will be that of the Norwegians.

    1. Dear Jew living in Norway.

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      I can not promise the Jews any relief from hate and persecution. From today, and till the Messiah returns, things will only get worse. Not only for the Jewish people, but also for Messianic Christians who love both Jesus and the Jewish people.

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