Pope branded as possible saint was a puppet of Hitler

The Vatican is the only statehood that has not opened its World War II archives. The War time Pope was silent when 1021 Jews were deported from Rome to Auschwitz in October 1943.

Political and Church powers hand in hand. Roman Catholic Bishops and Joseph Goebbels honoring Adolf Hitler.

To this day, the Vatican has produced no hard evidence that Pius uttered a word or lifted a finger to help when, on October 16, 1943, the Germans rounded up 1,021 Roman Jews and held them for two days just across the Tiber from the Vatican before sending them to Auschwitz. Only 17 returned after the war.

«The cries of the victims were met by Pius with silence» said Elan Steinberg, vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants.

The present pope told his audience on Sunday that the Church had aided Jews in a «hidden and discreet way» during the Holocaust, but he offered no specifics about Pius’s own involvement.

If there is evidence it lies buried deep in the Vatican vaults. For a decade the Church has been promising to open its wartime records to scholars «soon» but the latest word is it will be at least another five years. When some prewar archives were opened to a handpicked Catholic scholar, John Cornwell, to write a Vatican-sanctioned biography of Pius, he was shocked by what he found.

Pius, who as Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli, was the papal nuncio in Germany in the 1920s, the Vatican’s secretary of state in the 1930s and became pontiff in 1939. He drew the Church «into complicity with the darkest forces of the era», Cornwell wrote.

Eugenio Pacelli, later Pope Pius XII, signs the "Reichskonkordat" with the Nazi-government on July 20, 1933. Vice-Chancellor Von Papen (left) signed on behalf of Hitler.

Pius «was the ideal pope for Hitler’s unspeakable plan. He was Hitler’s pawn. He was Hitler’s pope… [He was] not only an ideal pope for the Nazis’ Final Solution, but a hypocrite… to his everlasting shame and to the shame of the Catholic Church».

Tad Szulc, Pope John Paul II’s biographer, called Pacelli «The Fuhrer’s best imaginable ally». Pacelli even betrayed Catholic leaders who might have challenged Hitler and his extermination policies.

«He prevented Catholic protest in defense of Jews, even if they’d converted to Christianity» Cornwell wrote. Pius also rebuffed a personal plea from president Franklin D. Roosevelt in late 1942 to publicly condemn Hitler’s extermination of the Jews and refused to meet the chief rabbi of Jerusalem, Isaac Herzog, who came to appeal for his help in saving Jewish lives.

Pius’s defenders say he worked quietly and behind the scenes, and had he spoken out forcefully, it would have only made matters worse for Jews and Catholics in Nazi-controlled countries. It is difficult to imagine how much worse conditions could have been for the Jews had he acted.

If Pius really was helpful, it should be easy enough to prove. The 65 years since the fall of the Nazis are enough time to sort through the archives for evidence of the pontiff’s saintly efforts to help the Jews. The Vatican is the only country that has not opened its wartime archives to scholars, Steinberg said. He is the vice president of the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It might not have been to easy for the Pope to speak out against Adolf Hitler in 1943. Anybody would in the middle of the war have risked getting a bullet in his head.

It is more fruitful to look into what Pope Pius XII  did before World War II. Did he raise his voice whan the Fascists came to Power in Italy in 1922?

What did He do in 1929, when the Pope was given back his statehood in Rome by Mussolini?

Was anything given in exchange for this gesture, like some Papal support for the dictator?

What did Pius do in 1933, when the Nazis came to power in Germany?

Pope Pius XII

Did Pius and the Vatican speak out against the Fascists and Nazis when there was peace in Europe?

What you would find, is hard core evidence of a Pope that supported the culprits, and the two worst enemies of the whole of mankind that walked on Earth in the last century. The Pope basically bet on the Axis Power`s winning the War.

Pius had a simple motive:

If Hitler and Mussolini could win the war and be the undisputed leaders of the political World, than they would  let the Pope become the undisputed leader of the religious World.

Hitler and Mussolini had a vision that a one World political power would rule the World. The Popes have always wanted to be the rulers of the worldwide Church and religious affairs.

The Pope supported Hitler. When Hitler rose to Power, the head of the Roman Catholic Church saw a «Third Reich» that could bring back «The Holy Roman Empire».

Martin Luther called the Pope in Rome for an anti-Christ hundreds of years before World War II. Luther spoke the truth. Pope Pius XII was also an anti-Christ.

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