Amnesty claims of Israeli siege of Gaza is falsehood

Amnesty International is silent about the existence of an Egyptian border crossing with Gaza.

Ambulances line up on the Egyptian side of the Rafah border crossing with Gaza.

According to Amnesty, Gaza has no opening to the world other than the border with Israel. The word «Egypt» s missing. When two weeks ago a «supply convoy» by activists making its way to Gaza was blocked in Egypt, it did not lead to angry articles in the world press.

This is in contrast to nonstop worldwide protest about how Israel is supposedly imposing a «siege».

Whenever Hamas’ policy is not to Egypt’s liking, Egyptian police tighten the screws, conduct operations to seize goods and the Gaza economy is pressured. The pressure is only removed when Hamas understands the message and aligns itself to Egyptian policy.

Thousands of Gazans pass through the Rafah crossing every month when Egypt coordinates this with Hamas. The crossing opens and closes at Egypt’s will. How does Amnesty call this phenomenon: «The Israeli Siege on Gaza»?

Source: ShalomLife-Toronto.

My comment:

So-called «Peace activists» protest against «Israeli occupation of Gaza».

This is the most inaccurate use of the word «occupation» in modern history. Because there is simply not a single Jew left in Gaza, who can can represent an occupational power.

In regards to the word «siege», it is supposed to mean «completely closed». Since the Israeli Government do send thousands of tons of aid into the Gaza strip ever week, this word is gravely misused to taint Israel. The fact that wounded and sick Gazan`s are invited into Israel for medical care, is another example of the demonization of Israel in Global media.

The press «peace activists» and NGO`s who claims to fight for justice and Human Rights are notorious liars in regards to the Jewish state of Israel.

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