Syria gives Hizbullah advanced anti-aircraft missile

American intelligence has warned Israel that Syria is allowing Hizbullah terrorists to train in Syria with advanced SA2 anti-aircraft missile batteries.

The SA2 Missiles can shoot down Israeli air crafts over Israeli airspace.

The report in a Kuwaiti newspaper includes a warning by the US that if Syria supplies Hizbullah with the system, Israel will likely retaliate by attacking Syria. Both Israel and Syria have «red lines» that if they will hold as long as the other side doesn’t cross them, but according to the Americans the SA2 is one such red line.


3 thoughts on “Syria gives Hizbullah advanced anti-aircraft missile

  1. please shut up!
    usa and zionist regime are pro terrorists!
    and you say hizbullah is terrorist??!!!
    we will destroy your great israel!!!!!!!!

  2. All of these news are not correct syria will not risk
    and give hizbullah these kinds of missiles. Its only progpanda.
    long live Syria

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