Norwegian Nazi writer was: «A great author and a hopeless politician»

The Norwegian Foreign Minister defends the state sponsored celebration of the 150th birthday of Norwegian Nazi Knut Hamsun.

Before Støre became FM, He was the director of the Red Cross. And a friend of Hamas. Here with Ismail Haniyeh.

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman did not spare he Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre on his visit to Jerusalem. The FM from Norway had to answer why the «peace brokers» from Oslo has whitewashed a Nazi, and made him a national hero.

Why do you celebrate the 150th birthday of Nazi admirer and author Knut Hamsun?

Hamsun was a Norwegian Nobel Prize winner. FM Store told reporters that Norway contemplated whether it is «possible to commemorate literature without combining the one who wrote the literature with his political views» He said, «That was the question facing Norway as we were approaching 150 years of the birth of Knut Hamsun, a great author and a hopeless politician».

Although the reporter had addressed to Store the question on Hamsun, Lieberman volunteered to take issue with him:

Norwegian fan of Adolf Hitler Knut Hamsun.

«I cannot accept the fact that a man who gave away his Nobel Prize in Literature to Goebbels and delivered a eulogy for Hitler should be legitimized in any sort of way, not as a man and not as a writer,” Israel’s foreign minister said. “Any attempt to separate his personality from his literature, I think, is an artificial attempt and another try at changing and disregarding history.”


My comment:

Knut Hamsun publicly honored Hitler as a «great statesman» in May 1945, after the Holocaust was known. To whitewash Knut Hamsun´s Nazi-sympaties, is a crime. A man who gives his Nobel Price medals to Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels should have been kept behind bars, together with Norways FM Jonas Gahr Støre who is defending the Norwegian state sponsored celebration of Hamsun.

There are many great artists in the World. One of them was Adolf Hitler. In his youth, he was a painter.

One of Hitlers paintings. A self portrait

I guess Jonas Gahr Støre would like to make an art exhibition in Oslo with the pre-war paintings ot Hitler, and brand him as a great artist, but a hopeless politician?

Let me also remind Støre that Hitler, like Hamsun, was a «great writer». His book «Main Kampf» has sold in millions.

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