Norwegian FM visit Jerusalem «Capital of Palestine»

The Palestinian Authority for the first time in eight years held an official diplomatic meeting with a foreign national in the Israeli capital of Jerusalem on Monday.

FM of Norway Jonas Gahr Støre let the Arab Palestinians use his visit to Israel to promote an Islamic takeover of East Jerusalem.

Palestinian representatives met with visiting Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store at an orphanage near the Mount of Olives in eastern Jerusalem.

It was the first high-level diplomatic use of Jerusalem by the Palestinians since Israel forced the closure of the the PA’s Orient House in 2001.

Prior to that, the PA had used Orient House as its official headquarters in Jerusalem and to conduct political and diplomatic activity in the Israeli capital in violation of signed peace agreements.

At a meeting of the self-styled Middle East Quartet last week, Russia and the European Union proposed pressuring Israel to allow the PA to reopen its offices in Jerusalem, a prelude to the surrender of the eastern half of the city to become the capital of a future Palestinian state.

Earlier last week, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed that Israel would never allow the redivision of Jerusalem.

Source: Israeli Magazine, Israel Today.

My comment:

It is funny how this Foreign Minister of Norway think He can fool the Jewish people. First He visits Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, and wows support to the Jewish state.

The very next moment He is used by the Arab Palestinians to promote what will be the end of a United Jerusalem.

That a Minister from a supposed to be a Christian nation promotes an Islamic takeover of Jewish land, is a tragedy. Not for Israel, but for the Norwegians. Because God of Israel has promised to punish whole nations that let their politicians harm the Jewish people, and divide His land. The city of David do not belong to Islam. Its a Jewish city, and the Jewish people are the only correct caretakers.

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