No negotiations with Israel but a US backed enforced peace dictate

The Arabs lost the war in 1967, but tries to win the rematch by taking about «peace». Israel shall be forced to give up more Jewish land, than it has gained in the Middle East wars forced up on her.

Abbas might be a «bad guy», but He is Washington and Saudi Arabias man.

The latest bid from the Arab Palestinians, is to tell the US to force Israel to freeze constructions in its capital Jerusalem. They also wants the Orient House in East Jerusalem to be branded as the Palestinian Parliament building in the «capital of Palestine». Based on such new gestures from the Government of Israel, Jerusalem Post has learned that Mahmoud Abbas will be willing to return to the «negotiation table».

The word negotiate mens to talk about things we in principle do not agree on. The propose of negotiations is to try to find a compromise. To be able to do so, both the parties have to be willing to search for a minimum common ground, a deal that both sides can defend and live with.

The so-called «peace negotiantions» in the Israeli-Arab conflict is something quite different. Because the Arabs wants everything they demand, even before talks can begin. It is a rather bizarre approach, and only God of the bible knows how the Jews find grace to even consider the Arabic attitudes.

Because the Arabs lost the war in 1967 and 1973. A looser that tries to dictate the winner, will normally make a complete fool out of him self. But in regards to Israel, this kind of strategy seems to work.

How come?

Because an aggressive notorious looser is backed up by a Super Power named the United States of America. And this super power has over stretched its credit lines and sold out its soul to the Worlds oil power house, the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What kind of concessions has Israel got from the Arabs in the pre-negotiation bargain?


No new Arabic nation, no Islamic terrorist organization has promised to recognize the Jewish state of Israels right to exist.

Than, what is there to negotiate about?

Would you like to be brought to the «negotiation table» with someone who would be holding a gun to your head?

The state of Israel also has a right to demand an end of violence as a political tool used against its very existence. Frankly. Before Israel get such a commitment from political bodies like Al Fatah, Hizbullah and Hamas, there in hardly anything to talk about.

Israel has other issues that can be put on the negotiation table. Like an end to the political, social, cultural and economical boycott that has been enforced on her from 1948 by the Arab League.

Israel can also be interested in the VISA-Apartheid being lifted in the Arab World. Forget about the Jewish people not getting landing permission or tourist VISA s. The Jewish airliner EL-AL is not even permitted to fly over countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, considered to be allies with the United States.

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