Saudis: «Let Israel strike Iran, but dissolve the Jewish state»

25 per cent of the Saudis are favorable of an Israeli strike on Iran. But only four per cent of the citizens of the city of Riyadh will ever accept the Jewish state.

The king of Saudia Arabia in more eager to se American missiles stricking Iran, but not Israeli.
The King of Saudi Arabia is more eager to see Obama strike Iran with missiles, than Israel.

A highly unusual and credible private poll was published in Saudi Arabia in November 2009. Is shows solid popular support for tough measures against Iran, even though domestic economic issues loom larger in the public’s perception.

Conducted in partnership with Pechter Middle East Polls, a new, Princeton-based research organization, the survey involved face-to-face interviews with a representative sample of 1,000 Saudi citizens in the major metropolitan areas of Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam/al-Khobar. A comparable poll was conducted in Egypt during the same period, with a representative national sample of 1,000.

57 per cent of urban Saudis approved of «stronger sanctions against Iran» More surprisingly, a third of urban Saudis said that they would approve «an American military strike against the Iranian nuclear facilities». Asked about an Israeli military strike against Iran, one-quarter of urban Saudis said that they would support it at least «to some extent».

Interestingly, that figure is three times larger than the number of respondents who said that they would accept Israel «as a Jewish state» even «under the right conditions». A mere 9 percent of urban Saudis took that position. But regional differences are relatively significant here: in Jeddah, hypothetical acceptance of a Jewish state was 17 percent, compared to barely 4 percent in Riyadh or Dammam/al-Khobar.

Source: The Washington Institute, David Pollock.

My comment:

Its interesting to notice that the hate for the Jewish state in Saudi Arabia is stronger than the public urgency to stop Iran from building a nuclear bomb.

And if Iran was considered the real enemy, it would not matter if the nuclear weapons program was destroyed by American or Israeli missiles.

But in a Saudi Arabian mindset, it does matter. Because is important not to give the Zionists a victory.

A majority of Saudis still feels its more important to destroy the state of Israel, than to stop Iran from threatening Saudi Arabia with nuclear armed missiles. That is amazing. The children of Allah is «really» great.

3 thoughts on “Saudis: «Let Israel strike Iran, but dissolve the Jewish state»

    1. Nuke,s are not of GOD.S hand nor plan,they are mans creation,How sad that we cannot learn to live in this world that he gave us to harness the power of love forgiveness and tolerance of each other instead we harness the power of hate and destruction, let’s hope GOD acts soon because i cannot understand how a just loving merciful GOD has watched humanity do this just so the jews will come to him through his son all men will suffer why is Israel so important to GOD its not about a promise to Abraham,Israel/Jews are not the only race or nation that have suffered look at the world.Africa alone has seen millions of her people die in racial/religious violence,etc How many need to die to save the JEW.I for one would much rather face GOD,than a nuke.

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