Security fence tourism new bid to taint Israel as a racist state

«II came to Palestine with two friends. We are communists and we love Palestine»

Media stages a picture of an Arab woman. The electronic war is on to delegitimize the state of Israel.

This is the words of a French tourists. Every Friday both Arab Palestinians and Israelis are gathered to protest against the security fence. Lately, a lot or tourists into Israel have joined them, and started a new form of tourism that taints the Jewish state.

«This is my first time in Israel», Madno adds, as he tries to get a shot of the old man, together with an Israeli holding a gas mask. «For us it is like a vacation. I like photographing children most of all».

Dr. Roy Wagner, an Israeli left-wing activist, admits that he finds this scene disgusting. «t’s occupation tourism», he says in a tone of disappointment. Wagner, 36, who teaches mathematics at the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, has been taking part in the Bil’in demonstrations every Friday for the past five years.

«There is a large variety of international activists here», he says. «There are those who spend weeks and months in the village and take the political issue seriously, and there are others who, as part of their trip to Israel and Palestine, drop in at Bil’in to see what’s happening. Some of them have a strong political awareness, others come to take pictures. Everyone who comes adds to the feeling of solidarity. But yes, it can also generate antagonism if you feel committed to the struggle and find yourself surrounded by tourists».

More than 90 per cent of the so-called separation wall is a fence between Jewish populted areas and land controlled by Radical Islam.

«On the other hand»,
Wagner continues, «I am glad that they are here, despite everything, even though it’s funny. In the end, the struggle brings this whole gamut of humanity to the same place at the same time. I feel that even people who get dragged here for all kinds of less binding reasons come away more committed to the struggle. And that’s what’s important».

Source: Multiple Israeli media.

My comment.

There was no security fence before the Arab Palestinians started to send suicide bombers into populated areas with Jewish majority, blowing them selves up in the name of Allah.

The suicide bombers was not a reaction to the security fence. It was the radical opposite.

Had the Arab Palestinians recognized the state of Israel, and accepted the proposal from Ehud Barak, there would not have been a security fence in Israel. And more important. There would have been peace.

What did Barak offer Arrafat?

97 per cent of the so-called West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, and a promise that Israel would give up the Golan Hights.

What was Arafats reply?

No, and a second uprising with terror attacks on Israel.


Because Arafat and Radical Islam do not want peace with Israel. They wants to see the Jewish state of Israel vanish from the face of the Earth.

2 thoughts on “Security fence tourism new bid to taint Israel as a racist state

  1. First let me congratulate you for your good work as evident from your blog.

    I would like to make a comment about a subject that many people are ignorant of, due to incessant brain washing and propaganda:

    In this post there is a mention of people who visit Bil’in “as part of their trip to Israel and Palestine”.

    There is no “Israel and Palestine”. It is the same land. Israel was called Palestine before 1948, when Israel was established.

    We, the Jews, always called it “Eretz Yisrael”, “The Land od Israel”.

    Palestine was the name given to the Land of Israel by a Roman emperor, Hadrian, after crushing the last uprising (“intifada”?) of the Jews against the Roman occupiers in 134 CE.

    He named it after the Philistines, which is a transliteration of a Hebrew word meaning “The Invadors”, as these people invaded our Land from the sea.

    So, these Muslims adopted a latin name for thair “homeland”, a name based on a Hebrew word, which very aptly describes them – They are invadors on our land!

    1. Dear Th3cow.


      Thanks for this comment. I agree with you. But for educational purposes we have to teach people about the so-called Palestine mandate. It was given to the colonial power of United Kingdom. 70 per cent of this mandate land was located east of the river Jordan. 30 per cent west of Jordan, the so-called «West Bank». This is the funniest «bank» of a river on planet Earth, with ridges 3.000 feet high.

      To split the so-called West Bank into two pieces of states, is utter non sense. We already have a two state solution, as previously agreed up on. Those are the kingdom of Jordan and the state of Israel.

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