1000 Italian companies keeps on blessing nuclear Iran

Next to Germany, Italy is Iran’s most important European trade partner, with about 1,000 Italian companies active in Iran.

Supporting and supplying the main enemy of the Jewish people. Angela Merkel and Silvio Berlusconi.

While Chancellor Merkel has vocally stated her opposition to Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon, Germany continues to be Iran’s largest trading partner in the EU. Germany’s exports to Iran reached USD 426.4 million in September 2009, with imports totaling USD 40 million.

Despite international sanctions against Iran, Italian exports to the Islamic Republic rose almost 17 per cent in 2008. There are now about 1,000 Italian companies active in Iran. The Italian companies have equipped the regime’s military and contributed to Iran’s satellite and possibly even nuclear weapons program.

Source: Letter from Giulio Meotti in Wall Street Journal.

My comment:

The Chinese Government is at least honest. It bluntly says it opposes any economic sanctions against Iran. There are many reasons behind the Chinese opposition. One is that such sanctions will harm China equally as it harms Iran, and will reduce the economic growth in China.

The European Union has developed into the most pitiful and wicked Political body that have existed since World War II. The ruling European politicians are completely corrupted. Based on a hypocritical agenda of false humility, the European leaders hold lengthy speeches and appears on TV, talking about peace and human rights. They even portray them selves as being pro-sanction in regards to the Iranian nuclear arms program.

Supporting and suppling the enemies of the Jewish people. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

But when the TV-cameras are switch off, the EU-officials turns around and sign new deals with the Ayatollah regime.

Its not surprising that the old axis partners Germany and Italy are the worst hypocrites. The Germans and the Italians also supported the dangerous enemies of the Jewish people in the run up to World War II. The Nazis almost got voted into power in Germany in 1932.

Very little, if anything has changed in Rome and Berlin. The devil will not let his children rest, before the day Israel is destroyed and gone. That will not happen. The Messiah will bring their plans to nothing, and He will come personally to save Israel.

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