«The UN should fire missiles at Israeli targets»

This is a public statement from Ingrid Fiskaa. She is a leading member of the Norwegian Socialist Party. In November she was made a deputy minister.

Ingrid Fiskaa feels there are to few missiles aimed at Israeli targets.

It is easy to understand why many Israelis view Norway as a hostile entity, an opposition leader from Oslo told Haaretz ahead of the Norwegian foreign minister’s visit to Israel today.

In November the Norwegian Prime Minister appointed Ingrid Fiskaa from the Socialist Left Party as deputy minister. In 2008 she told a Norwegian paper she wished the United Nations would fire missiles at Israeli targets.

In September Norway’s finance minister Kristin Halvorsen announced a major Norwegian pension fund would divest from Elbit Systems due to the manufacturer’s involvement in the construction of the West Bank separation fence. Last January, a Norwegian diplomat serving in Riyadh compared Operation Cast Lead to the Holocaust.

«Instead of saying there’s no problem, Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store should listen to the concerns of the Israeli side regarding the Norwegian government’s attitude to Israel» said Hans Olav Syversen from the Christian Democratic Party.

Syversen is in charge of foreign policy for Norway’s sixth largest party, and leader of the Norwegian parliament’s «Friend of Israel» group. His party’s youth division is sending a delegation of 12 young political activists to visit Israel at the same time as Støre.

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

To request the United Nation to fire missile on Israeli targets, is a Biblical statement. And may be one of the few we can expect from Ingrid Fiskaa.

Because the Bible says that all nations shall go against Israel.

The International forum that represents all nations, is United Nations.

Deputy minister Ingrid Fiskaa and presently Minister of Education Kristian Halvorsen is of the opinion that Norway needs to teach Israel a lesson.

You will never get a highly educated woman like Fiskaaa to admit that she would like to see the state of Israel vanish. That would not fit into her Human Rights image. There is probably more honesty within Radical Islam, than there seems to be among socialist politicians in Norway.

Ingrid Fiskaa is a well known Norwegian «peace activist». So the rocket`s fired on Israeli targets, either from Hamas or United Nations, will obviously aim at bringing peace to the Jewish people.

This is a peace that will bring the final anti-Christ on stage in Jerusalem. And I will not be surprised if both the Hamas leadership and the socialist leaders in Norway will be celebrating his coming with champagne.

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