Turkish-TV broadcasts Nazi-style anti-Jewish entertainment

A pregnant Arab Palestinian woman are troubled by Israeli soldiers. Her husband overcomes the Jewish soldiers, and massacres them in the name of  God and liberation.

The Turkish TV-show would have become a poular movie in Nazi-Germany.

This kind of entertainment series are shown on prime time Turkish TV.

Turkish television series like «Valley of the Wolves», has lead to more crises between Turkey and Israel.

Bahadir Ozdener is a scriptwriter. He claims they could have been even harsher in their criticism of Israel in the series. «We were trying to show that Israel and the United States are behind acts of terrorism», claims Ozdener.

In one part of the series, the main character rescues a man who was held at the Israeli Embassy. Ozdener also said that they had featured a Jewish doctor who was involved in an organ mafia.

Israel has complained that Turkey should be more careful about how it depicts Israel in the television series.

Watch Turkish anti-Israel entertainment: Click here

Source: Multiple Israeli media.

My comment:

After watching this video, I have to confess:

The Nazi-spirit lives on among those who hate the Jewish people.

The Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels could not have done a better job. In the 1930-ties, the Nazi`s managed to portray the Jewish people as rats. The Jews were pictured as the scum of the earth, and the Nazis explained that those who killed them would do a good deed for «God».

The anti-Jewish propaganda of the Nazis started while the Jewish people in Europe had safe properties, good jobs and enjoyed political security.

The demonization of the Jews was not a part of Holocaust. It rather lead to the Holocaust.

Islamic rulers believes they do a god job for Allah by targeting the Jews. Similarly Adolf Hitler taught he was doing a good job for God. Thats why the SS soldiers had written in steel on their uniform belts: «Gott Mit Uns». God with us.

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