Another British MP: «Israeli leaders should be arrested»

«Israeli officials should be arrested and tried for war crimes in Gaza».

Gerald Kaufman togehter with Yasser Arafat in 1996. Another war criminal, Tony Blair, was not present when the picture was taken.

The British Labour legislator, Gerald Kaufman, said this as a part of a delegation of 60 European parliamentarians who entered Gaza on Friday.

Human rights groups have alleged that both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes during Israel’s three-week offensive against Gaza, which ended a year ago. Among other things, Israel was cited for firing white phosphorous flares, which can cause horrific burns.

«The lawmakers are visiting Gaza to draw attention to the territory’s evil blockade by Israel and Egypt», said the Labour legislator, Gerald Kaufman.

Kaufman also spoke in support of attempts by pro-Palestinian groups in Britain to get Israeli politicians and army officers arrested once they step on British soil. Britain has a universal jurisdiction law that allows prosecution of alleged war criminals whose crimes have no direct connection with Britain.

«We have had a fuss in our country about the inability of certain Israeli politicians to visit Britain for fear of being arrested», said Kaufman, frequently an outspoken critic of Israeli policies. «Anybody who uses white phosphorus should be arrested and should be tried for war crimes».

«But when we read of an Israeli politician being afraid of being arrested in Britain, we remember that 1.5 million people in Gaza are under arrest every day of their lives by the Israelis, suffering depravation, hunger, lack of satisfactory medical treatment, lack of screws to put school desks together so your children can learn», Kaufman added.

Source: Israeli daily «Haaretz»

My comment:

The British BP makes no claim that the leaders of Hamas should be tried for war crimes.

Thats amazing.

If the legislators in Scotland had fired 8.000 rockets into England in a bid to destroy the United Kingdom, I guess the British MP´s would have reacted?

I also presume Westminster would have sent troops to Scotland, to end the rocket fire, and called the decision an act of self defense?

The British MP Kaufman seems to be paying no attention to the hardships the Gazans have been through, because of Radical Islam and in particular the rule of Hamas.

Why have the Islamic republic of Egypt decided to ban this kind of Iranian style Islamic Sharia-law regime from entering Egyptian soil?

Unlike Cairo, I guess Kaufman would have freely invited Hamas into England, to rule in the streets of London?

God of Israel will hold blindfolded European politicians responsible for the silly words they utter in regards to the conflict in the Middle East.

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