Pope has not opened Vatican World War II files

The Jews reject claims that Pope Pius XII saved Jews from the Holocaust.

Pope Pius XII carried around in the Vatican, prepared for sainthood.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League (ADL) do not acknowledge any claimed evidence that Pope Pius XII did save Jews during World War II. This makes it all the more crucial for the Vatican to open its Holocaust-era archives to independent scholars and historians now.

«We reject the claim that the world and aging Holocaust survivors must wait another six years until all 16 million documents from Pope Pius’ papacy are catalogued by the Vatican, explains ADL national director Abraham Foxman.

The ADL is also critical to the fact that the Vatican have opened some war time files, that seems to be used in favor of declaring the War time Pope a Roman Catholic saint.
«We note that Pope John Paul II opened a cache of Holocaust records from Pope Pius XI before the records of his entire papacy were catalogued. We request that Pope Benedict take the same courageous decision and order the relevant Holocaust-era materials be opened now».

The evidence in question was presented at a conference in Rome in September 2009 and apparently cleared Pius XII of accusations that he was silent in the face of the atrocities taking place in wartime Europe.

Source:  Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It is not my business to decide who shall become a Catholic saint or not. But to beautify a man who have been accused of being «Hitlers Pope», before the Church has provided evidence that he was not, opens a pandora box of questions.

-What is the hurry?

– If this Pope did not commit the war crime of collaborating to the genocide of Jews, I guess he was a saint many years ago?

-If the World War II achieves do prove that Pope Pius XII was helping the Nazis, will the Vatican revoke the sainthood?

3 thoughts on “Pope has not opened Vatican World War II files

  1. The Vatican went from an absolutely broke organization around the time of World War I to a major player in the Gold and Silver Markets, 40 year later. How this happened in the middle of one of the worst depressions and wars in history is a mystery. It is time for the Papacy to come clean. Sumthin’ ain’t right. I suspect that the Vatican played double agent for both The Axis and Allies all during World War II and made many millions doing it. In the words of the Watergate Scandal…follow the money.

  2. We should remember (with a deeply aggrieved heart) that over one million little Jewish boys and girls, including toddlers and babies, were torn from the their mommies and daddies and brutally murdered at the hands of evil men! No one is trying to judge the pope. Pope Pius XII has already gone to his judgment before a holy and righteous God. But the voices of over a million children cry out from the grave, demanding that justice and the truth be allowed to live. They were not allowed to live. Will we also kill the truth, the austere remembrance of what happened to them? This conspiracy of silence is utterly and profoundly evil. These records must be released unconditionally, completely, immediately. To do otherwise is to align and conspire with the same evil(satan) that led to the deaths of these precious children, each one created lovingly, intimately knit together by the Creator, Jesus Christ.

    I urge all people who profess to be followers of Jesus Christ our Lord: pray daily for the release of these archives, and write to pope Benedict and request the immediate release of all of the Holocaust records! God Himself is testing each of us. Will we stand for mercy and justice? What will His judgment of each of us be?

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