Hamas has destroyed the peace process, and made it very easy to oppose an Arab Palestinian statehood.

British MP George Galloway (left) hands over the cash to the Hamas leadership in Gaza.

This is the words of Ray Hanania, an Palestinian American columnist.

When Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas complained recently in Qatar that the media there was pro-Hamas, and that its bias was threatening the ability to achieve peace, he struck a chord that many Palestinians know is true.

Hamas opposes genuine peace with Israel, and used the most pernicious form of violence – suicide bombings – throughout the 1990s to destroy the peace process and prevent compromise.

Its mission is to pursue the impossible dream, more a nightmare for everyday Palestinians, of destroying Israel and returning Palestine to what it was in 1917, before it came under British colonialism. That Hamas desire is shared by secular fanatics based in Western countries who also oppose peace based on compromise.

British MP Galloway with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

The purpose of many of the Free Gaza protesters is to strengthen Hamas. Rather than help the people of Gaza achieve freedom and build the first steps of a secular Palestinian state.The protesters have helped to encase the Palestinians there in continued suffering, closing their eyes to the oppression and brutality that is the true Hamas.

More importantly, this bizarre alliance between religious fanatics and secular extremists is silent on the campaign of terror that Hamas continues to wage against secular Palestinians.

Hamas has made it easy for some to oppose Palestinian statehood, and is the main obstacle standing in the way of peace.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

Ray Hanania has got one right, and one wrong.

Its true that God of Israel has used Hamas to block the «peace process». The Jewish people should not break the covenant with their God, and give up His land.  There can only be true peace, when the Arabs recognize and accept the Jews right to live and build in Zion.

There is no Arab Palestinian statehood on Jewish land, because its not suppose to be an Arab Palestinian statehood on Jewish land. Every time the Jews agrees to hand over to Islam what they have been chosen to take care of, God of the Bible intervenes.

God the Most High permitted the disaster of Hamas to take control of Gaza, because the Jews payed no attention to the warnings that the «sin of disengagement» would provoke God to anger.

In the end God of Israel will probably allow such foolishness to happen even in the so-called West Bank, so the full Jewish state will be put in danger by the Israeli leadership giving in to Islamic and International pressure and blackmail. This will be done to teach the whole World a lessen, just before the Messiah Jesus returns to Jerusalem to bring the final end of all anti-Biblical activities and the final anti-Messiah seated on the Temple Mount.