Almost all the terrorist and extremist violence in the world today is committed by Muslims. And in most instances, the victims are Muslims themselves.

Another Muslim has killed him self and other Muslims, shouting Allah is great.

What’s afoot here is Muslim extremism – despite the fact that the great majority of Muslims aren’t radicals and condemn terrorism. If the battle against Muslim terrorism is to be won, moderate Muslims will have to do the heavy lifting, and explain to us how we can best help them.

If Americans and Westerners continue to take the lead, it will remain an «us vs. them» war – «infidel and oppressive» outsiders battling «victimized» Muslims. Effective military force, of course, will be needed to weaken the fanatics and provide security. But the support of the great majority of Muslims is an even more essential ingredient for success, one that can be garnered only by their fellow believers both in the U.S. and abroad.

Of the terrorist killings and maimings that have taken place over the last three years, over 90 per cent  have been Muslim on Muslim. The great majority of sensible and moderate Muslims must take up operational and actual arms against the terrorists. It can’t be just rhetoric.

Article by Leslie H. Gelb. The writer, a former senior government official, is president emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations.

(Daily Beast)

My comment

You can not understand why Muslims are killing Muslims without looking into the religion of Islam. The problems caused by Islam, has to be found within Islam.

The fight within Islam makes no sense. It is beyond reason and logic. We are obviously dealing with Spiritual forces. Sunnis and Shiits murdering each other over the right of being the true offspring of Muhammad.

There is only one common enemy that can unite Muslims fighting their own brothers. And that is their hate towards Israel and the Jewish people. Since the Jews are God`s chosen people, their enemies will be in direct opposition to the God of the Bible. The One and only living God.