United Nation has become a cancer that whitewash human right abusers

UN-led system of global governance is working to redefine international law by on the one hand whitewashing war crimes by states associated with the Muslim majority, and the other targeting Israel.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the UN-stage in front of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon


The United Nation is rendering it illegal for unpopular countries to take action to protect themselves against aggression.

Second, and most important:

Israel has become the scapegoat of the UN-led international community. The 57-member Islamic bloc has built an automatic majority for its unrelenting and ever-escalating assaults on Israel’s right to exist.

The new – and false – interpretation of international law gives every General Assembly resolution the weight of binding Security Council resolutions and international treaties. Among this new «legal» regime’s most dangerous features is its bid to overturn state sovereignty by subjecting leading citizens of weak states to politically-motivated criminal prosecutions under the rubric of universal jurisdiction.

With Israel’s right to exist – let alone to defend itself – being denied in an avalanche of General Assembly and Human Rights Council resolutions, the acceptance of universal jurisdiction is a short step away from turning every Jewish citizen of Israel into an international outlaw.

This Escalating threat is already hurting Israel’s ability to carry out routine relations with foreign countries.

Just last week the IDF was compelled to cancel plans to send a delegation of its officers to England for a joint conference on asymmetric warfare after British authorities were unable to promise that their guests from the IDF wouldn’t be arrested over spurious war crimes allegations during their stay.

Source: Column One, Jerusalem Post.

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