An Israeli pullout from the so-called Westbank could, ironically, mark the beginning of the end of the PA and the Mahmoud Abbas era.

Without support from Israel, Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah will be replaced by Hamas and Khaled Meshal.

PA leader Mahmoud Abbas is hoping that Israel will withdraw to the pre-1967 lines within the next two years to enable the Palestinians to establish an independent state with half of Jerusalem as its capital.

But under the current circumstances, an Israeli pullout from these areas could, ironically, mark the beginning of the end of the Abbas era. In an interview published this week in a Kuwaiti newspaper, Abbas revealed that he had solid proof and «verified information» that Hamas was planning to take over the West Bank. If Israel wants to pull back from any territory, it needs to make sure who is going to be in control of that area.

If Israel repeats the same mistake and hands over the West Bank to Abbas when he is still weak and does not enjoy much credibility among his own people, there is no doubt that Hamas will end up sitting on hilltops overlooking Ben-Gurion Airport outside Tel Aviv, and the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem.

Hamas has never hidden its intention of overthrowing the Abbas regime and replacing it with a government that reports directly to Bashar Assad in Damascus and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in Tehran. Abbas is in power in the West Bank largely thanks to the presence of the Israeli security forces in these territories.

Abbas knows very well that had it not been for the presence of the Israeli army in the West Bank, it is highly likely that Hamas would have been able to achieve its goal a long time ago.

Many Palestinians are convinced that if a free and democratic election were to be held in the West Bank these days, Hamas would win again because of Fatah’s failure to implement major reforms and get rid of icons of financial corruption among its top brass. The massive PA clampdown on Hamas may have caused serious damage to its terror infrastructure, but it has by no means affected popular support for the movement among Palestinians in the West Bank.

Source: Hudson Institute New York

My comment:

Its a grave irony that the US sponsored Fatah government in Ramallah can not survive without the support of Israel, and the protection of the IDF.

Mahmoud Abbas will basically destroy the Arab Palestinian state in its birth, by throwing out and disconnecting him self from the only free and democratic force in the Middle East.

That was what happened after the state of Israel «handed over» Gaza to Abbas.

May the Jewish state never commit such a mistake again.

A Jew once told me: «The problem Israel has with the Palestinians, is that they do not know what they want. One wants peace, one wants to commit suicide, and yet another wants to continue the war»