Five days with fresh New Year rockets from Gaza into Israel

A Qassam rocket fired by Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip struck the Western Negev on Monday, a day after an Israel Air Force assault killed three Islamic Jihad men posed at a launching ground in the coastal territory.

A rocket from the «peaceful Gaza-strip» is fired from a civilian populated area into Israel.

There were no casualties or damages reported in the incident Monday. Israeli security forces were summoned to the area to identify the location of the rocket.

The IAF strike Sunday came hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed a «powerful response» to recent rocket and mortar shell attacks from the coastal territory. The strike targeted a cell as its members, which included a senior Jihad field commander, were launching rockets at Israel.

Four mortar shells were also fired at Israel from Gaza on Sunday, but they exploded on the Palestinian side of the border.

Addressing an increase of rocket fire into Israel from Gaza, Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Monday advised Gaza’s Hamas rulers to «Watch their step, and not to cry crocodile tears if they force [Israel] to take action».

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

«Viva Palestine» just brought fresh provision into Gaza from Egypt. I guess the rockets fired into Israel, must be some kind of celebration?

Because the so-called Israeli blockage of Gaza is fiction. As good as daily, the Jewish state permits convoys with aid into Gaza.

Egypt did not like that Viva Palestine «peace activists» turned to violence. Their Hamas supporters even killed a Egyptian policeman. The Muslim nation of Egypt reacted to the violent mob, by keeping the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza closed for the third year.

Logically, Hamas should have been shooting rockets into Egypt.

Why do they not do that?

It do not matter what Egypt might have done, or do, to restrict the Islamic terrorists. It has been, and will always be the Jewish state they are trying to destroy.

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