US: «A terrorist is someone who do not obey Washington»

A US military expert explained on CNN two days ago: « Terrorist organizations do not control a government or a nation, and do not have to defend territories »

The Obama Administration is only adding to the confusion around who the enemy is, and where he can be found..

This was a bid to explain to us some basics from the American war on Al Quaeda and Taliban.

The US has always defined «good» and «bad» accordingly, to what is beneficial to Washington. Like a US General operating in Latin America once said: «I know he is a bad guy. But He is our bad guy».

Mullah Omar, Taliban. A bad guy.

It this US Military experts definition is correct, than the Taliban was not a a terrorist organization when it was ruling Afghanistan. Only when they lost the control of Kabul, they became the «bad guys» for the inner circles in Washington.

Al Quaeda harmed America very badly in New York on September 11th 2001.This thinly and scattered organization was than examined and found to be a terror organization worthy of two wars.

But if Osama Bin Laden is made the Prime Minister of Yemen, He will become a statesman and get a seat in the United Nations.

This American definition of terrorism will also have some strange effects when imposed on the nations in the Middle East.

Hassan Nasrallah, Hizbullah. A bad guy, under promotion to be «good».

The Lebanese organization Hizbullah is a terrorist organization, because it is not the ruler in Beirut. And their military bases in South Lebanon is not authorized by the Lebanese Government. Some European politicians, even Americans, have suggested the World should legalize Hizbullah, since the political wing of this Lebanese armed movement is the leading party in the opposition. And this January one of their leaders will become Foreign Minister of Lebanon, and take the Lebanese seat in the Security Council of United Nations.

Hamas can not be defined as a terrorist organization.Because it is the ruling party in Gaza, and did even win a local election. That Hamas used force to take control of Gaza, was obviously because the undemocratic Fatah denied Hamas the right to rule. That members of their Fatah rivals was executed without any Court of Law involved, will not have any impact on the American viewpoint.

Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas. A good guy.

That Fatah members were thrown off the roof tops of buildings in Gaza should be an executive right of a ruling Government. The Hamas Government is also receiving International funding from United Nations, and latest from a British movement called «Viva Palestina». Hamas is also ruling within clearly defined borders with Egypt and Israel. The rockets Hamas fires into Israel, can be justified because of lack of International recognition of Hamas.

Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah. Little bit good, little bit bad.

Fatah has to be classified as a semi-terrorist organization. Because cells under its umbrella keeps on randomly killing Jewish civilians. Fatah has some kind of self-rule in Ramallah, but its security forces are under the supervision of the American general Keith Dayton. The Israeli Defense forces (IDF) are having military outposts in the area of the Fatah-administration, basically to protect Fatah against the «non-terrorist» organization of Hamas.

Welcome to the age of American World view definitions.

3 thoughts on “US: «A terrorist is someone who do not obey Washington»

  1. Terror is to intimidating the civilian population (women and children are the best candidates) with “death” to achieve a political gain!
    death threats are the key.
    When we use terrorism as a metaphor then you get yourself confused.
    example:”my son is terrorizing his sister!”
    In Arabic culture, to terrorize the family is to threaten with death the Arab women if they talk to a non Muslim men.
    Or to say I’ll kill you if business is not going well…
    and so on.

    1. Dear Giora

      Shalom, and welcome to this site.

      You just reminded me that we might have forgotten a good definition of the word terrorist.

      A terrorist is someone who is willing to use violence against civilian targets to gain politically. The radical opposite is a citizen. He will use his freedom of expression to reach his goals in life.

      When a man shout – Allah is great – and blows up him self and others, he is: An Islamic terrorists.

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