Israeli paper: «Those who believe in peace, will praise the name of Tony Blair»

«When in another 100 years they write a book about the history of the Middle East, Blair’s name will proudly appear in it».

Tony Blair feels he has done a good job. The Muslims will surely agree.

This is a statement of a high-ranking Israeli Foreign Ministry official given to the Israeli leftist daily Haaretz

The not named source is quoted saying:

« Blair chose to deal with the micro, in areas that no one could imagine an international superstar of his caliber choosing to address. But he carried out all his missions. He took over projects that were going nowhere for years, accumulating dust [the sewage system in Gaza, tourism in Bethlehem, establishment of a second Palestinian cell-phone operator, among other things], and resuscitated them».

Tony Blair him self are quoted saying that he believe terrorists can be defeated:

«Personally I think we will defeat this terrorism when we understand it is one battle, one struggle. This is a global movement with an ideology….People sometimes say to me, no, it’s not really Iraq, it’s Afghanistan. Someone else will say, no it’s Pakistan, and someone else will say its…Yemen. But actually it’s all of these because in different ways, they represent different challenges that are unified by one single movement with a single ideology».

Without a doubt, it was Iraq that ended his career at 10 Downing Street. Nevertheless, Tony Blair does not apologize:

«It’s really important to understand that Saddam was actually a threat to the region,” he said in an interview with Ha’aretz during his most recent visit to Israel as the Quartet’s special envoy. “And quite apart from anything else you may remember, he used to pay the families of [the Palestinian] suicide bombers».

Source: Israeli Daily Haaretz.

My comment:

Tony Blair is proud that He has contributed to fix the sewage system in Gaza. I will surely rejoice with him, because the people of Gaza needs a lot of help. But first, please come and fix my sewage system too.

Benjamin Netanyahu needs to be careful not trusting the falsehood of Tony Blair.

That Blair want to take credit for increasing tourism in Bethlehem, is a surprise to me. I thought there were no Muslim tourists in Bethlehem?

I guess the tourists that comes to Bethlehem are mostly Christians. They travel to Jerusalem to support the state of Israel, and also try to visit places of Biblical importance like Bethlehem, now under the yoke of Islam?

That Blair wants to take credit for the establishment of a second Palestinian cell-phone operator, is not surprising. Because now Israeli intelligence needs to monitor terrorists chatting on two networks. Blair has created double work for those who try to curb terrorism, against their advise. There are also positive sides of having two or more mobile networks. Commercial, I presume.

What Tony Blair is not mentioning, is how he has brought an end to Human rights violations among the Arab Palestinians, in the name of Islam and Allah

I guess He cant take much credit for such not mentioned, and I guess less important issues?

What about Blair stopping UK funding of Arab Palestinian school books, that deletes the 3.000 year old Jewish heritage to the promised land and the city of Jerusalem?

What about closing down UK funding of Palestinian TV- channels that promotes hate against Jews, and continued terrorist attacks on the state of Israel?

Has Blair got any new Arab nation, or Hamas, Hizbullah or Fatah, to accept and recognize the Jewish state of Israel?

No longer are there questions to Blair about Saddam Hussein and his missing weapons of mass destruction. Now, Blair tries to make a point that Saddam was giving money to terrorists. Well, Iraq was not the only regime sponsoring Islamic suicide bombers.

Is Blair going to attack Saudi Arabia and the sultans and princes of the Persian Gulf, who funded suicide bombers?

I guess 11 of the 12 greatest suicide bombers ever, the men who flew into the Twin Towers on Manhattan and into Pentagon, were Muslims from Saudi Arabia?

Strange, is it not?

Media that do not ask critical questions to World leaders, but rather flatter them, are useless and corrupt media.

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