The difference between helping Gaza and Somalia

Egypt finally allowed MP George Galloway and 55 fellow travelers into Gaza, «bandaged, bleeding and bruised» after violent clashes with Egyptian police.

British MP George Galloway in Gaza, to accuse Israel for not helping Islamic terrorists to move freely into Israel.

Golloway came together with the Al-Jazeera television crew. Along came a convoy of 150 truck and 500 international activists, self-satisfied Europeans. 17 Turkish legislators were also in their company.

The United Nations Food Program just had to exit Somalia because of Islamic terrorism, and leave one million people without provision.

Why did the convoy not go straight to Somalia to face down the Islamic forces of al-Shabab?

The difference between Somalia and Gaza is that the people of Somalia are not only forgotten in the rubble, their desperation is… simply not interesting.They are people without options.

Those responsible for their plight are Islamists, not Zionists or Westerners – though, for the Euro-Left, it’s all America’s fault somehow. In stark contrast, the people of Gaza do have options that would end their misery.

They could stop supporting Hamas, which has mobilized their polity against coexistence with Israel.

They could make peace among themselves and allow the comparatively moderate West Bank Palestinian leadership – which is recognized by the international community – back into the Strip.

They could free IDF soldier Gilad Schalit whom they kidnapped in 2006.

They could stop launching mortars against Israel’s civilian population, as they repeatedly did this week.

They could choose a two-state solution and accept that Jews also have a right to a homeland.

They could end the «siege».

They could build instead of reveling in the rubble and in their victimization.

Source: From and editorial in Jerusalem Post.

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