Iron Dome anti-rocket system passes crucial test in Negev

IDF is also training foreign counterparts on homeland security, and how to improve Air Port security without intimidating travelers.

The Israeli anti-Missile defense might be able to hunt down all the Qassams fired from Gaza.

The Iron Dome System destroys a Grad-style Katyusha rocket (IDF)The Israeli-designed “Iron Dome” missile defense system passed a crucial series of rigorous tests on Wednesday at an Air Force test range in the Negev, successfully intercepting mock rockets built to imitate Kassam and Grad-style Katyusha rockets such as those in the arsenals of Hamas and Hizbullah.

6 thoughts on “Iron Dome anti-rocket system passes crucial test in Negev

  1. I would LOVE to know who paid for this rocket system 🙂 where else would the millions upon millions of US taxpayers’ money going towards Israel anually be spent?

    You fool nobody, you’re a Jew not a Christian.

    1. Dear Oswald.

      Shalom, and welcome to his site.

      It is true that Pentagon is very powerful. It invented the atomic bomb, and dropped it on two Japanese cities. A lot of your tax money was used.

      Israel has its own defense industry. Did you know that the World leader in drone air craft technology is Israeli? It is not used to kill innocent people, but to protect US Marines in Afghanistan.

      The US and Israel see it as its duty to defend liberty and freedom, in a region that is full with despotic, Middle Age style regime, who have an agenda on enforcing their values on the whole World.

      I am a gentile, grafted into the Jewish faith. Jesus, the protector and savior of the American people, was a Jew. The most famous Jew that have ever walked on Earth.

  2. Oswald asks a good question. I know Americans are sick and tired of the Zionist stranglehold on Congress and the US Government. The Billions of dollars spent by the US on Israel are fanning the flames of hate in the Middle East. Israel cannot survive without eternal war. Political Zionism is the enemy of the Jews and is the primary cause of the Holocaust. Hitler would have been amenable to cash for Jews’ lives but the Zionists had to have their Holocaust to create “Israel”. I say you’re not a Jew but a Zionist, and creating a “Jewish” state without Divine permission is heretical in Judaism. Zionism has too many cheerleaders.

    1. Dear Dogout.


      You wrote:

      The Billions of dollars spent by the US on Israel are fanning the flames of hate in the Middle East.

      My reply:

      The US Military would simply not have been supreme and effective without Israeli Military Technology. Do you know that the drones that protects the US Marines in Iraq and Afghanistan are made in Israel?

      Do you know that the night vision technology and Military intelligence systems are developed by Israeli companies?

      To be a Jew hater is easy. Political Zionism is a matter of survival. Hitler did his best shoot at the Jews, trying to kill them all. And you seems to support him? But Hitler was a coward that committed suicide. He destroyed his country, his people and finally him self.

      Be aware that if Hitler had been able to kill all the Jews, He would probably have killed free men like you too.

      Do not support evil and wickedness. Love people around you, and be a blessing.

  3. Dogout,

    I am Israeli and let me tell you that should you have said what you said in front of me, I would let you see how I (censor…Editor)…. in your mothers mouth then made you (censor…Editor). her in (censored….Editor)….you (censor, Editor)….loser.


    1. Dear James.

      Shalom, and happy passover.

      I understand your anger and frustration. But please do not use filthy language on the enemies of Israel. They do not deserve our anger. Rather bless them. If yo do not curse them, God most High will bless you. When Yeshua returns, the mockers will be judged and sent to Hell for eternity.

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