Israel denies Vatican sovereignty over Church properties in Jerusalem

The Pope wants sovereignty over Church properties in Jerusalem. Israel rebukes the Pontiff.

The Swiss guards in the Vatican is a chilling remnant of the Papal armies that several times attacked Jerusalem.

Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon vistied Rome in a bid to find a solution to many years of disagreement between the Vatican and the state of Israel.

«We will insist on our right to expropriate property, for instance, for infrastructure purposes. This will be done while maintaining Israeli law and the State’s sovereignty», explains Ayalon.

The discussions revolve around the Vatican’s demand that it be granted propriety of various Christian sites, tax breaks, and immunity against expropriation of Church properties in Israel.

Daniel Ayalon

Israel has already made it clear that it will remain firm in its stance to maintain ownership of the room in which the Last Supper is believed to be held, which is on Mount Zion next to King David’s tomb. Whitin Judaism, this building is expected to have been raised on the burial site of King David

The Government of Israel has shown significant flexibility on the issue of taxes and property fees that the Church has refused to pay for decades and to waive Israel’s right to nationalise Church properties.

In addition, the State will agree to grant members of the Vatican legal status with Social Security and the courts in Israel.

Nineteen of the disputed sites are in the West Bank and 28 are in Jerusalem. In a published statement, Ayalon said,

«They (the Church) will receive certain waivers on expropriation, but not comprehensive ones.»

Source: Ynet News.

My comment:

Since the Pope´s barbaric crusaders lost control over Jerusalem in 1291 A.D, the Papal religious system has many times tried to get back the control over the Holy City.

The Vatican and the Papal «peace maker» in charge, Tony Blair, is now working on a plan to make the Old city in Jerusalem an International Zone, based on a universal agreement that this citadel shall become the property of the International community and all faiths.

This is the same plan as British Government was working on, during the Palestine Mandate before 1948.

But God of Israel nullified this man made plan, and restored the Kingdom to the House of Jacob, as promised in the Bible. The state of Israel was restored in 1948, in line with the prophetic Word.

In 1967 the Jewish people liberated Jerusalem, and the Jews again became the caretaker of the City of David.

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