Israeli construction company demands compensation for freeze

A Builder has filed a lawsuit against the Israeli government. Seeking 4.8 million USD for damage to finances and public image because of settlement freeze.

The state of Israel faces lawsuits because it bowed down to pressure from President Obama.

A construction company in Modi’in Ilit is demanding NIS 18 million (USD 4.8 million) in compensation from the State for damages it sustained due to the temporary freeze in settlement construction.

In a letter addressed to the prime minister, the defense minister, the finance minister, and GOC Central Command, the company – Neot Hapisga Modi’in Ilit – said it had been in the midst of constructing hundreds of housing units in the city, which belonged to an overall project entailing the construction of 2,300 housing units in all.

The letter holds the state responsible for the financial damage done to the company and demands compensation. «There is a price for political decisions and this must be recognized», the company states.

The company claims that the 10-month freeze instated by the government ruined its ability to fulfill obligations made to purchasers of the housing units, and that this did inestimable damage to its public image.

«The responsibility rests solely on the shoulders of the prime minister and the government, who with an unplanned decision and shortsightedness brought the company to its current state», the letter says.

«The government must immediately compensate the company for the damages it sustained and negotiate with it on future damages that can result from government orders».

Neot Hapisga says the sum of the compensation demanded takes into account economical damages as well as the damage done to its image. The 18 million will «prevent the company’s immediate collapse and allow it to pay its immediate debts», the letter says.

Source: Ynet. News

My comment:

A Construction company has to be ready for a freeze of its activities, in specially if the company has done anything illegal. There can also be situations of Force Major, accidents or other calamities that can force the Government to demand a halt to any constructions.

But the only «calamity» that has forced the Israeli Government to halt construction in Judea and Samaria, is US President Barack Hussein Obama.

The Israeli Government will now be forced to explain In the Court of Law why they should not be ordered to pay for the loses of builders, that have both their papers and quality of work in perfect order.


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