«Peace movement» rioted over Egypt routing aid to Gaza via Israel

520 «peace activists» on Tuesday turned violent over an Egyptian decision to ship some received aid for Gaza through Israel.

A Hamas «peace activist» smuggles rockets through tunnels from Egypt to be fired into Israel.

Tuesday Egyptian Authorities allowed 139 vehicles to enter Gaza through the Rafah crossing, about 45km from the port in al-Arish. But pro-Hamas activist turned violent, over the decision to let remaining 59 vehicles pass via Israel.

An angry Hamas-mob broke down the gate at the port in al-Arish. At least 55 people were injured in clashes between Egyptian police and the criminals.

Around 40 members of the «peace convoy» had minor injuries while over a dozen policemen were hurt in the clashes. The mob also blocked the two entrances to the Sinai port with vehicles, medical workers said.

Under a banner of «Peace», the mob displayed their hate towards the state of Israel.

The «Viva Palestine» convoy, led by George Galloway, the outspoken British MP, had already been delayed by more than a week. One reason was that a delegation of Turkish MPs failed to persuade the Egyptians to change their mind.

Source: Multiple Media sources.

My comment:

There are a lot of initiatives that are launched in the name of «peace». One of them is «Viva Palestine».

If the motive was peace, I guess there would be no need to turn to violence?

It the activists motive was to help the people of Gaza, I guess it would not matter if the AID would come through Egypt or Israel?

But if the motive was to tarnish Israel, the «Peace activist» this time failed. Because even the Egyptian Government could smell the rat.

For more than one year thousands of tons of aid for Gaza has been shipped through Israel. This help from Israel to the people of Gaza has been distributed while the Egyptian border into Gaza has been closed.

The reason: Hamas smuggling of Iranian rockets through deep illegal tunnels across the border with Egypt. Not to be used as fire works on the beaches of Gaza. But to be fired into Israel.

That it would be so-called «Peace activists» who did their best to stop the needed humanitarian aid coming through Israel, is a brilliant display of the Jew-hate these misguided people are harboring in their heart.

For Radical Islam its obviously more important to boycott and destroy the Jewish state of Israel, than to help the oppressed people of Gaza.

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