Obama arms the enemies of Israel with advanced weapons

The US has promised to send fresh shipments with anti-ship and antitank missiles as well as so-called smart and bunker-busting bombs to four Arab countries.

Harpoon Block II anti-ship cruise missiles on Arab hands will pose a great threat to the Israeli Navy.

Israeli officials have expressed concern over the scope and content of several major arms which the Pentagon has recently signed with several Arab states allied with Washington.

The receivers of these advanced weapons are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

In December, the Pentagon notified Congress of several arms deals it wanted to carry out and certified that none of the deals would alter the military balance in the region.

But Israel’s defense establishment is wary of the deals, even though the Obama administration is arguing that the armaments will boost the deterrence capabilities of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries in relation to Iran.

One of the deals troubling Israel was the sale to Egypt of four batteries of Harpoon Block II anti-ship cruise missiles, in a deal worth USD 145 million and co ntaining 20 missiles.

The U.S. also sold Egypt four fast missile boats in a deal worth USD 1.29 billion. Another deal with Egypt includes 450 Hellfire antitank missiles for its air forces “to protect its borders,” the Pentagon explained in its report to Congress.

Source: ICEJ.org

My comment:

A US president who believe in the «great and peaceful religion of Islam», will hock or by crock force the Jewish state of Israel into peace.

The best way to do this is obviously to increase the threat of war. When a war the leadership in Israel feel they can not win is looming, they will bow down to the «peace» proposals from Washington and Mecca.

The Nobel peace prize winner Barack Hussein Obama has found the winning way to create such a war threat scenario around Jerusalem.

Simply by increasing the prize of advanced American weapons to Israel, and rather exchange them for discounted oil deliveries from the Arab World.

14 thoughts on “Obama arms the enemies of Israel with advanced weapons

  1. The Israeli patents involved in the creation of this weapon were inspired by the Arab dollar awaiting its completion.

  2. Obama arming the enemies of Israel with advanced weapons shows he is a Moslem working against Judeo/ Christian values.

    1. Why isn’t Obama in prison for treason? I always thought that giving aid and comfort to the enemy was the very defination of treason. Honestly, I believe that Obama is paving the way for the antichrist, who is none other than the muslim madhi.

  3. We must not accept as inevitable the destruction of Israel etc. We have authority on the earth and the devil is defeated. Pray for all demonic strategies to be destroyed; no demon inspired tool whoever he is can raise his head, except for his destruction. Pray that the enemies of Messiah, the Son of Eloyhim will be victorious and all his enemies vanquished. Pray in tongues; the Lord knows how to voice our prayer in perfection.

    1. Dear Liz48.

      Shalom, and greetings on Resurrection day.

      You wrote:

      We must not accept as inevitable the destruction of Israel etc.

      My rely:

      We do not accept the destruction of Israel. Well aware that it is inevitable. The purpose of our faith, is not a lasting earthly Israel, but the salvation of our souls and the citizenship Jesus has given us. That is a citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven. This is an eternal citizenship.

      The problem is that the majority of the Jews do not have the full Bible. They do not fully know the Messiah, and struggle to find the sabbath rest with God, that has been made available by the blood of the Lamb of God.

      1. Dear Lima Bravo

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        Even in the age of modern warfare…the God of Abraam stands for his Chosen People

        My reply:

        It is impossible to destroy Israel. If it were possible, the Bible will be falsehood.

        Jeremiah 31:36
        ‘Only if these decrees vanish from my sight,’ declares the Lord, ‘will Israel ever cease being a nation before me.’

  4. Scripture will be fulfilled no matter what you do. Prophecy can not be thwarted. The Lord is sovereign and all prophecy will glorify His Name.

  5. Egypt, Jordan, SA and the UAE are US allies and hence no threat to Israel. Besides this news is old. These contracts which are purely commercial in nature were signed before the current Arab peoples revolution. If you want to see the real evil, then look at the military-industrial complex in the US and other countries including Israel who make billions of dollars a year selling weapons to the highest bidder.

    You see what you want to see. Wake up already!

  6. Then Obama must take the blame for the decline that will surely come to america for making itself an obstacle to israels peace and safety. Israel will remain long after america has dissapeared.

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