Israeli army commanders will by treated like criminals in London

A delegation of IDF officers canceled a planned visit to the UK last week, after the British hosts failed to guarantee that arrest warrants would not be issued against the invitees.

Israeli War hero Moshe Dayan would have ended up in prison in England, had he been present among us today.

The Israeli deputy foreign minister Danny Ayalon called the current situation «insufferable» and said, «This will make it difficult for the two countries to maintain a normal relationship».

The deputy foreign minister also bewailed the manipulation that organizations hostile to Israel were making of British law to carry out their goals. He stressed that most Israeli citizens, not just political figures and high-ranking officers, serve in the IDF. It goes against Britain’s best interests, he said, to deter Israelis from visiting the country.

An outraged Ayalon expressed concern that relations with London could be damaged by the current legal situation in Britain.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

My comment:

The same British Government, who has a legal system that can target Israeli generals and commanders, do fully depend on Israeli military technology for its owned armed forces.

In Afghanistan, its Israeli drone aircraft technology that protects the British soldiers from being massacred by the Taliban. The Jewish state is the World leader is military intelligence and surveillance systems.

So the United Kingdom is trying to cut down the tree they are them selves sitting in the tops of. The higher they climb, the harder they will fall.

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