«Hamas and Al Queda are two sides of the same coin»

The West is fighting a war against Al Queda, but wants to force Israel to make peace with Hamas. But both their ideology and their armed struggle are the same.

It would not be so easy for Jimmy Carter to roam around with Osama Bin Laden. Here with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh.

What if the European Union had sent President Obama a letter demanding the US Government to freeze its construction in Washington, and start peace negotiations with Al Queda?

Well thats exactly what the European Union demands from Israel, in regards to Hamas who rules in Gaza. «Stop construction in your own capital Jerusalem, and make peace with the terrorists».

While Osama Bin Laden is a «persona non granta», the Hamas leadership is branded as a truthfully and objective Government, that wants peace in the Middle East.

This is not only a display of the lack of discernment. It is a fruit of long term hypocrisy and wickedness.

Al Qaeda and Hamas have almost everything in common. They both fight an arm struggle for Islamic supremacy, and they both educate and use suicide bombers as an acceptable political tool.

The difference between the two terrorist organizations is only marginal. While Hamas do not express any threat to the United States of America, but only targeting the Jewish state of Israel, Al Qaeda has the destruction of the US as its Islamic goal.

If you just swoop the name of these two terrorist organizations, you would not be able to see any difference. If it was Hamas who was fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the US would never have entered into any kind relationship with the terrorists. Their leadership would have been hunted down on the top of the mountains, and down in the valley’s.

The International community correctly brands Osama Bin Laden`s Al Qaeda as an Islamic terrorist organization. But looking through the fingers in regards to the inhuman, Middle Age style, oppressive and violent regime of Hamas in Gaza, is a grave violation of the human rights of the 1,5 million people who live on the Gaza-strip.

2 thoughts on “«Hamas and Al Queda are two sides of the same coin»

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