Church lead by Rick Warren raised 2,4 million USD in 48 hours

Rick Warren says «radical generosity» is behind the $2.4 million in donations netted by the church in just a few days.

Rick Warren can rejoice over the rich generousity in the Church he is leading.

The Purpose Driven author issued an «urgent» plea last week to raise USD 900,000 in just 48 hours so that his California church, Saddleback, could end 2009 debt-free.


My comment:

I have been criticized for being to harsh with Pastor Rick Warren in a couple of theological issues. But I do have a column category named «Fantastic Christianity». This story will be posted there.

2.000 of Warren`s 22.000 Church members are presently out of work. Saddleback´s social work among insiders and outsiders are outstanding.

There are hundreds of thousands of Churches all over the World that does a great job for their Master Jesus, like distributing generously to the poor and needy. I would like to salute and honor them.

But they will hardly get coverage in «News that matter´s». This newswire has a calling of exposing fake and falsehood. Let this site also be a watchdog for prominent and high profiled pastors like Rick Warren.

One thought on “Church lead by Rick Warren raised 2,4 million USD in 48 hours

  1. I deeply “apologize” for telling you on another Comment section about not listing Rick Warren (a major deceiver).
    As I read this I was surprised that you have other areas since I am new to this, still finding out how to list, read etc..I just wanted to tell you..I do deeply apologize. I am so what’s the word (smile) enjoying all of this information, news that I have felt, and knew from The Word of God is really true…and is going on now..It’s just good to be able to see it in so much print also for those who may not be staying in His Word.
    Thank you! and God Bless in Jesus Name† (there’s a Cross there in case it shows up as another mark)

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