Airport Security turns into totalitarian controlling paranoia

Radical and new proposal is needed. Not to keep us safe from Islamic Suicide bombers, but new totalitarian security drills in regards to Air travel.

The Government can now get access to every details in your life. Based up on an Excuse of searching for Islamic terrorists.

The only way to avoid crashing with a car, is to not drive a car.

In a similar way, the only way of avoiding ending up in an aircraft accident is simply not to fly.

Since one Nigerian Muslim put his under pant on fire inside an American Airliner and shouted «Allah is Great», the whole Planet is going to face more security paranoia at any given airport. The «under pant ploy» is going to cost us 30 Billion USD in Air Ports purchase of new body scanners.

What will be the end of this?

A systematic control of all human traveling beings on planet Earth. An error in a VISA-card transaction can put you on an American «No-fly list». Your email to a friend with an Islamic looking name, might lead to your questioning for hours in a police lock up in the city of London.

This in not suppose to be a joke.

People are now so paralyzed or sleepy TV-drugged, that they do no longer object, or rises critical questions about what`s going on. A new global totalitarian rule is just around the corner.

What is the solution to the new Islamic under pant terrorism?


People have the right to fly with the present minimal risk of mad people being willing to blow up aircrafts.

There are only a few hundred crazy Islamic terrorists that will ever make it to an international airport, and there a hundreds of thousands of flights globally every day.

The risk of ending up with an Islamic terrorist on the set next to you, is less than dying of food poisoning eating at the restaurant at the same airport.


It must be possible to request the most scary businessmen, politicians and diplomats, to travel on «Muslim-free flights». Lets call them MFF`s». This will keep the rest of us out of the new totalitarian governmental scanners.

Or even better:

Impose «Muslim Only Flights», or «MOF`s». Please give them the best and newest aircrafts. Promote this exclusive flights with generous discounted tickets, to avoid any accusation of racism.

Let Sunni Muslims travel with Sunnis, and Shia´s with Shia´s. This will surely rapidly become the safest terror free airliners the World have ever seen.

There is even a more radical solution available. If the Islamic World do not approve one of the above solutions: Tell the Muslims to travel by ship, or simply take the buss. And leave the rest of us in peace.

Read more about the history of Islamic airport terrorism: Click here.

4 thoughts on “Airport Security turns into totalitarian controlling paranoia

  1. what the hell is wrong with this person its totalatarian and leading to a new world order to SEARCH FOR BOMBS but its ok to SEGRAGATE international air travel? You sir are the biggest hypocrite i have ever seen and YOU are whats wrong with america

    1. Dear Bob.

      Shalom, and welcome with this comment.

      Arab Palestinian terrorism has lead to all air travelers being screened and many stripped.

      It is funny, that you are looked up on as a potential terrorist at your local airport, while Islamist’s that want to enter Gaza is welcomed as hero’s.

      Who come that you have to open your bag at the airport, but Israel is denied their right to look into the bags of Jihadist’s?

      You might feel that I am the hypocrite here. But just reflect on this, and let me know what you think.

      To all my readers: This is the link:

      And another article to read about this topic:

  2. Your preaching to the choir here. The people that are awake to the problems have always been but it’s geting across to the sleepers that is impossible.

    It’s going to take a major depression followed by a major lifestyle change before people start questioning their leaders. With stocks falling again it may be coming to that.

    Too many people are focused on free abortions and gay rights to care about OUR rights to fly in peace without being harassed by guards and to them they will bully and name call those who doesn’t give them undivided 24/7 attention.

    What happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty when traveling? We may be in public but laws still apply about being innocent.

    What would be more effective then all these bombs and weapons checks is random ID checks and drug checks with dogs that happen and if you are a known felon it will show up on the airport computer BEFORE you even arrive and you be given the *special treatment* if you have a weapons violation crime on your record.

    People who have weapon violations should be searched and double searched while those of us who are not.
    accused of using illegal weapons be given the benefit of the doubt.

  3. I would also like MFF as long as it allows them to compete fairly against non MFF and the Muslims may actually benefit by promoting their own airlines and flying rules using their own pilots to fly them.

    It would promote more tourism to their own countries as families/friends go visit back and forth the USA and their own nations.

    Whenever the liberals mention *multinational* they mean only people that agree with their views and everyone being the same like them.

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