During the British Mandate, the sultan’s heirs sued for the return of the village of Muharaqa in the Negev. But the British court found that the land was state land.

Jews purchased land from Arabs wherever there was a record. Today there is a death penalty for Arabs who sell land to Jews.

This is a statement by Seth Frantzman. He is a researcher with Hebrew University. He rebukes the claim that Israel is Arabic land. There were properties inside Israel that were owned by Arabs, but were never owned by the people who claim a right of return to them.

«Take the village of Muharaqa that was once not far from Sderot. This village was established on land acquired by the Turkish Sultan Abdul Hamid II in the late 19th century. He settled peasants from nearby Gaza in a planned village, armed them and told them to till the soil and bring civilization to the hinterland bordering the Negev».

They subsisted that way until the sultan’s overthrow in 1908, when the village and its lands were confiscated by the Turkish state.

During the British Mandate, the sultan’s heirs sued for the return of the village, and the British court found that the land was state land.

In the 1940s, the local villagers also petitioned the court and received the same reply. When the villagers subsequently fled in 1948, they left behind houses erected on land they never owned. Now those villagers, probably living in Gaza, want to «return» If they are owed compensation, it would be for their dwellings, not their nonexistent land.

More than a third of Mandatory Palestine, the Negev, was never surveyed by the British and its land never properly registered, although the British believed that the vast majority of the Negev (13 million dunams) was government land. Of the two-thirds of British Palestine remaining, the area of the West Bank (5 million dunams) was also never surveyed.

The British surveyed areas that tended to change hands in land sales and that took place mostly in the low country. It is hard to say exactly how much of the land that has a traceable title was categorized as absentee property of individual Arab landholders.

There are many Arab Palestinians who, clinging to their ancient keys and documents relating to some property in Israel, have come to visualize a return to a place that is a fantasy.

Source: Jerusalem Post.

Seth Frantzman is a PhD researcher at Hebrew University.

My comment:

Norwegians lost some parts of their land to Sweden in a war more than hundred years ago. Today, since I am living in misery, I should demand a right to return to the «occupied» land?

Regardless of what the Swedish people have developed on that piece of land, I will reclaim it. Even if my grand father only kept some rubble on the property.

And even if my land record documents does not exist, or at best is flimsy, I will claim the property simply because I am a Norwegian, and there were Norwegians living on this plot once up on a time.

The International community would surely not have backed my claim.

But as long as such claim will harm the state of Israel, the Arabs are able to rally support for such false demands even from nations. This is Jew-hate, and nothing but injustice to the state of Israel.

Do not forget that 900.000 Jews, who were forced to flee from Arab nations because of this conflict, will never get their properties back regardless of what documentation they will be able to provide.

While the state of Israel accepted all the Jewish refugees and gave them full citizens rights, the Arab nations have kept their own Arab Palestinian brethren in refugee camps, denying them citizenship. To use them as a political tool in their fight against Israel. That is evil and inhuman wickedness.