New Year comment by Mike Adams.

Dear convert,

I beg your attention if you are among the many new converts to Islam this past year. You became a Muslim by simply citing the shahada: “There is no true deity but Allah, and Muhammad is the Prophet of God”. As you probably know, there’s a lot more to being a Muslim, but I would like draw your attention to different aspects of this “religion of peace” that will want you to think over what you’ve committed yourself to.


The Qur’an isn’t the only holy book you need to familiarise yourself with. Just as esteemed are the recorded sayings, deeds and behaviour of Muhammad (Sunna). And don’t forget the official biographies, as well as the Qur’an-commentaries. Muhammad maintained that his own revelations were the result of being strangled three times by the angel Gabriel or else being demon possessed.


You subscribe to a religious view that majors on The Last Day and the events that precede it. Your Messiah-figure is the Mahdi, a direct descendant of Muhammad. He’ll wage a worldwide war and coerce people, mainly Christians, in becoming Muslims by threatening them with death if they don’t. He’ll be the ultimate world ruler establishing the Shariah-law and order system.

The Shariah entails a detailed and strict way of behaving in society covering politics, economics, banking, business, contracts, family, sexuality, and hygiene. Crimes punishable by death include: homosexuality, armed robbery and drug trafficking. Culprits are beheaded according to the heritage of Islam.

As a result of world dominion there will be a papal-style rule (caliphate) from Jerusalem where the Mahdi also slaughters most of the Jews. Indeed, his global mass butchering of Jews will surpass that of Hitler during WWII.

According to the Qur’an, Jesus will come back to earth as a devout Muslim, playing second fiddle to the Mahdi, and helping him institute Islamic law. The Muslim Jesus will abolish Christianity by removing every type of Christian cross, and doing his best in making pigs extinct. He will personally kill many Jews and women for adhering to the Dajjal (Islam’s own version of the Antichrist). The only protection from the Dajjal for Muslims is by memorising a portion of the Chapter of the Cow from the Qur’an.


The value of a Muslim life outweighs the value of a non-Muslim life. Mistreating or murdering non-Muslims (kaffirs) has, in essence, no legal repercussions.


Holy war (jihad) is necessary against Satan (personified in USA and Israel), disbelievers, hypocrites and corrupt Muslims. Besides this, you’re expected to wage a special form of jihad against your own inner self.


Dishonesty and deceit (kithman, taqiya) is permissible, and in awkward situations advisable. In other words, you can lie about your faith and deny Islamic doctrine when needed. The only condition is that you remain firm in your convictions.

We can summarise by pointing out the following:

Islam is fascist in its outlook. It supports the ideology of racial hygiene and doesn’t recognise the basic human right stating that all men are equal.

In Islam deception and terrorism is justified as a natural part of its makeup.

The Mahdi is a racist and a perpetrator of genocide.

The Muslim Jesus is a traitor and a mass murderer effectuating the final holocaust of his own people, the Jews.

In conclusion:

I would urge you to reconsider your choice by repenting and recognising the Jesus of the Bible as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Yours sincerely,